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Antenna Problem In Car

An external antenna can be damaged in a various number of ways. They usually are very flexible and surprisingly strong, yet still a collision with an object at high speed can damage or break it. This can happen during a simple drive, or it can be the result of a silly kid’s behavior. No matter what or how it happens the point is that it needs changing, and here’s the kicker: you DO NOT have to go to a mechanic and pay a whole lot of money for something that you can easily do with a hex wrench and a crossed screwdriver. Simply try and do it yourself and the result will be a considerable save in time and money.

Antenna Problem In Car

Depending on the amount of damage your antenna has sustained, determines if you have to replace the whole antenna or simple replace a part of the shaft. In either case, it’s not exactly rocket science so either replacing the broken or damaged antenna or repairing it is worth the effort if you do it yourself.

Before we go any further in case someone, although I doubt there are any, doesn’t know what an antenna does, the antenna is a simple device that is designed to be able to transmit and deceive electromagnetic impulses. When an electric field and a magnetic one interact electromagnetic waves are created. These are used for transmitting radio waves or TV signals, but they have other uses in radar systems, wireless access point devices and other types of communication.

An antenna is composed from the following parts a shaft, nut, an insulator ball, gasket, cap, swivel clamp, the radio cable, grommet, and plug.

Now if the antenna is not completely broken or damaged, or even worse missing by being ripped, you can simple repair it by replacing only the antenna shaft instead of the whole antenna. You can find car antenna shafts at most auto shops and hardware shops in the area. If you are unable to locate one that suits your car than you better head online and make a quick search. Try looking for an antenna shaft that is flexible and it has exterior rubber coating. Those are the best ones because of the increased durability and flexibility due to the rubber coating that can absorb shocks.

Now you have to get a bit “violent” with it because you have to break the remaining part of the old antenna shaft and use all mill file and try to taper the remaining location of the broken shaft. Than all you need to do is to attach the new antenna shaft and don’t forget to fasten the retaining screw.

In case of having to replace the whole antenna the process is a little bit more complicated but not by much. First locate the antenna cable that will be attached to the car stereo somewhere under the dashboard. If you found it, unplug it. Then head for the antenna base and unscrew the nut which enables you to remove the entire antenna. Take a wire scissors and cut the old antenna cable but don’t drop it. Then tape the cable to the newly acquired antenna. Pull on the old cable and see where it goes to know where to place the new one. You might be required to remove a fender shield so that you can pull the new antenna cable through the grommet. After the new cable is connected place the new antenna in the mounting location. Plug the cable into the stereo and let the music play.

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