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Axa Car Insurance Canadian

AXA Insurance Canada is a subsidiary of the AXA Insurance Co. group that operates internationally being a strong competitor on the car insurance market. This is a company founded in the 1980s in Europe and since then has become a worldwide brand that has become worthy of the top 10 world companies.

The AXA Canadian subsidiary has its headquarters in Montreal, but its offices can be also found in other cities throughout Canada such as Ontario, Quebec or Atlantic Canada. Car insurance is not the only field covered by AXA Canada. They are also able to provide life insurance, home insurance or health insurance for their clients. Moreover, if you are interested in financial advice this company is an excellent choice as well.

Axa Car Insurance Canadian

If you are interested only in AXA Canadian car insurance you should know that their quotes are free and available online. You can access their website at www.axa.ca. You should also know that their products are addressed to specific clients in trying to adjust their insurance packages to their client’s needs.

The all drivers package applies to drivers that are over 16 years old and own a vehicle registered in Quebec. If you choose this package you will benefit from some special features offered by this AXA Canadian car insurance such as: free Vengo roadside assistance (available for one year after you buy an insurance policy from the company), free inspection and discount repairs (an annual inspection provided by specialists in the field), certain discounts and offers designed to help you with your payments. Each contract that they offer includes three main components. One of them is the civil liability insurance that will pay for all the damages you cause to another driver when you are involved in an accident and found at fault. This is a compulsory component that involves a minimum of $50,000. The second component is the collision or upset insurance that covers all the expenses involved by repairing your car after being damaged in a collision or by a fire or other circumstances and it’s optional. Last, but not least the AXA Canadian car insurance for all drivers includes comprehensive insurance, an additional coverage that protects you against all imaginable situations. And although, in Quebec car insurance is required by law you are still able to choose the coverage and the deductibles that work for you.

The company also offers a special package for women with ages between 30 and 49 years that are the primary driver of a car and also own a vehicle registered in Quebec. This special car insurance policy is called Assurelle. The AXA Company will offer you one free annual car inspection provided by one of the two auto repair networks: UNI-PRO or The Specialist. You will also be able to benefit from a 5% discount on repairs in case of post-inspection repairs. The road assistance option will be available 24 hours a day and it will provide help when you get a flat tire, run out of gas or lock your keys in the car. Every situation is dealt with professionally, keeping you as comfortable as possible. Claims are also processed fast and via a reliable service. And if you aren’t satisfied with the service the AXA Company will refund you the value of your auto insurance premium up to $1000.

That is all good news, considering that their service also applies to young drivers and seniors drivers. The AXA Canadian car insurance tries to provide each and every one of its clients with the best deal possible. But before deciding don’t forget to compare!

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