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Best Buy Used Car

Buying a used car can be a tricky process with lots and ups and downs. You must be able to answer yourself a series of questions that will help you find out exactly what you are looking for. Questions like: “Used car or new? What car is right for me? Where to look for used cars, what to look for when buying a used car?”. After a little research the experts from Samarins gave us a little review of how we’re suppose to act when purchasing a vehicle.

First question “Used or new car? ” think about the fact that if you buy a used car you can save allot of money. A new car depreciates dramatically in the next 2-3 years after the purchase and it won’t even be worth 70% of the purchase value, in fact, the moment you step out of the dealership driveway you might as well deduct 500-1000$ from the car’s value. Try (theoretically) to bring it back and ask for your money back, you’ll be shocked by the price they will offer you.

On the other hand buying an used car is more of a gamble. You have no guarantees that the car has been kept in top shape, that the odometer shows the real mileage or that there are no untraceable or unseen defects on it. So you have to ask yourself, “Will I actually save money if I buy an used car?”. You will if you follow through.

Be prepared. Do as much research as possible to eliminate the risk of buying a “dud” used car. Gather that info anywhere you can: read car reviews, costumer reports, ask friends opinions, find out about reliability and fuel efficiency of the car model you’re interested in. Try to narrow your search but not only on one model, try to make it two so that you can compare them. This is very useful because it will give you an insight of how you stand.

Used cars

If you enter a dealership without any idea of what you want, you will definitely pick a wrong choice and you’ll even pay extra for it.

After you’ve set your sights on one car don’t go head-first and say yes without making sure that it’s safe. Car history can tell you quite a lot about it and will help you eliminate a whole lot of cars with apparent simple problems that, in truth, run deep.

Don’t take for granted what it’s been told to you about the car you’re about to buy. VERY few dealers, no matter that they are private or part of a company, will tell you the entire truth about the car you’re about to buy. A mechanic that can come and inspect the car is your best shot by far at ensuring that your car won’t fall apart.

After knowing what car you want and establishing contact with the dealer, taking it to a test drive is the next crucial step. The test drive will show you all the info you need about the car, you will be able to tell how it runs, how comfortable you feel in it, how it handles and all these parameters. For this reason, try to make the test drive at least 20-30 min long. Drive it through more than only one terrain if available, shift into all gears to check the transmission and even put a few hard breaks. This is the most important part since you can diagnose the car yourself.

All is left to grab it and go.

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