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What’s the dream of any audio maniac? Getting the best, most powerful sound system there is. As usual, not ten minutes have passed since the car’s been bought and I had already been thinking about the possible upgrades and compatibility issues revolving around the sound system. Auto manufacturers are aware of this fact, therefore they strive to get bigger, better boosters, stereos and such. Even the car materials are judged by a new factor: acoustics and vibration. Here are some of the most powerful audio systems currently on the car market.

One of the most elegant and powerful system is the Bose Media System that can be found on the exclusive Ferrarri 612 Scaglietti. Most car fans would say that the Ferrari’s sound system revolves around its engine. I tend to disagree, it may not be the prettiest of systems but it certainly has the features necessary to entertain you as you’re flying on the road. Since it’s born in the same place as the fabled Pavarotti, it’s only fitting to test its crystal clear clarity on the last Luciano Pavarotti album.

Next in line is the awesome Boston Acoustics / Kicker sound system which can be found on the Chrysler 300C. If you love big luxurious cars that steal the eyes of each passer by, than why not make the earth shake a bit with the 368 Watts coming from no less than 7 speakers a subwoofer that produces unbelievable full sound. The seven speakers are dispersed in such manner so you actually feel the music coming to you, not only hear it. Another amazing thing is that the subwoofer is positioned so well that even at full volume you don’t find it disturbing or shaky in any way.

Another system that is guaranteed to shake your lungs out is the Rockford Fosgate Audio System that can be found in the new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Many consider the Fosgate as a more exuberant performer than a precision audio player. That simply is not true, especially with this configuration. The awesome looking speakers develop nothing only 650 watts in output. The 9 speakers are perfectly dispersed around the car’s interior, making sure that the acoustics are perfectly balanced. The speaker system is efficiently placed in the trunk, and it’s amazingly good at handling crisp highs while keeping the sound clear and not hollow. Compared to most factory systems, the speed sensitive volume works a lot better.

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

The theatrical experience that is offered by the Lincoln MKX, means more than the rear seat DVD-player. The THX II Certified Audio System is currently the best system provided by Tomlinson Holman’s company. Despite the drawbacks that came with the first model, the current MKX audio system is a lot “cleaner” and better. Now it handles bass more efficiently than most systems and it requires nearly 0 fiddling with it to work perfectly. Settings and customizations are kept to a minimum, you simply “plug and play”. The 14 speaker 600 Watt audio system can be perfectly tested with a good soundtrack like Kayne West’s Graduation.

And finally Volvo brings on the market, what is considered the best audio system. They probably thought it best, because they didn’t stick with only one technology, they took more ideas and upgrades, and built the best audio system on the market. If we we’re to give a name to the awesome 12 speaker 650 Watt audio system, than we’d call it Dynaudio. The Danish firm made it possible for the Dolby Surround, and Creative’s crystal sound technique, to be merged together.

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  • Roger Rickson says:

    Doesn’t anyone factcheck things anymore? THX isn’t Tomlinson Holman’s company. It was never Tom Holman’s company. It’s owned by Lucasfilm. And Tom Holman hasn’t worked there in years; he was fired in the early 1990′s because frankly, his ideas were and are bullshit.

    THX knows little about audio. It’s a brand name.