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Best Car $20,000 Will Buy You

We always want what’s best for our families, but we also need to think about prices and budgets. We also want something that will please each member of our family, will ensure comfort when it comes to long drives and will guarantee us the safety of our loved ones.

I personally believe that $20,000 it’s a family friendly budget that will be enough to cover all the desires we might have. That’s why I thought about a top six best family cars that $20,000 will buy you. That being said we will consider the cars from the lowest to the highest price.

First in line we have the Nissan Versa for $10,710. This is a mid-size car with plenty of room for kids of all ages. In addition to this it’s also available in both body styles: sedan and hatchback. The price is good and even with all possible improvements (a custom made touch) the price doesn’t go over $18,000. But if the budget can’t be stretched, Versa 1.6 is an outstanding choice for your family.

Number two to on our list is the Nissan Cube sold for no more than $14,710. The tall roof and the generous back seats represent a plus for any family. For the price you will also get as standard equipment power windows and locks and also air conditioning. Regarding safety you will be happy to know that the price will also provide for your car an electronic stability control.

The next family friendly car on our list is the Honda Fit available for $15,610. This “little one” will impress you with its cargo space of 20.6 cubic feet and with the same generous back seats despite its small size. Moreover, if we consider safety you should know that it was designed to survive accidents with larger vehicles and also the Sport model has as standard electronic stability control. Even if the price tag is slightly higher going up to $16,410 the investment might be worth making if you think about the safety advantage.

Fourth on our list, the Scion xB, can be yours for only $16,250. That can start looking like a really good price once you will find out that its interior resembles more an SUV than a simple car. Also, the price includes a lot of equipment specially designed for your families comfort and safety.

Nissan Versa

Another little wonder is the Hyundai Elantra Touring that’s on the market for only $16,715. The size is great for family trips and a growing family, the car being more of a wagon size than a hatchback size. The new 2010 model, GLS it’s all about you comfort including in its design air conditioning, electronic stability control, sunroof and many other facilities.

Kia Rondo is my sixth choice and can be yours for $18,190. It’s a bit of a hybrid between a SUV and a minivan, but with seven seats it’s a blessing for any large family. What you must know is that you may need to pay an extra $2000 if you want air conditioning and a more reliable V6 engine (the extra fuel consumption won’t be significant). But for the benefits the extra money seems reasonable.

Nissan Cube

Those were my choices and I hope it will be helpful information for families that are in search of the best car $20,000 will buy you. What I’m sure it’s that your car it’s somewhere out there. You just have to look for it.

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