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Buy A Cheap Used Car

If you are in the market to buy a cheap used car, there a few good ways to find one. Purchasing an automobile is a rather important investment and at the same time you will have to accept the fact that the car will depreciate over the time. However, acquiring a used car will take some of the sting out of purchasing a vehicle, but you should still search for the most suitable offer for your needs and budget.

A good place to start looking for such a car would be at the auto sales division of your local rent vehicle company. According to the experts over at Motortrend, the cars sold from the company’s fleet are in most cases only a few years old and some of them will come with the manufacturer’s warranty which is very important in the long run.

The downside is that some (more or less) rental cars have a really rough history and were treated quite bad by the customers. The good side is that all of the cars come with a full maintenance history which is very well documented. Needless to say, the most significant advantage of these cars is the low price tags. The same guys over at Motortrend say that these rental firms purchase at a lower price in the first place and they focus on making money through renting the cars, not selling them. Of course, they will eventually sell the cars in order to update the fleet.

Except for car rental companies, another great source to buy a cheap used car would be at auctions. However, purchasing a vehicle at an auction is not for everyone due to the fact that it is a fast-paced and emotionally charged process. Despite all this, if you are flexible and know the difference between different models, makes, technical data, it can be a great source for finding a very affordable car.

Another great alternative of finding a cheap car would be from a private seller. For this reason you should start browsing the classified ads in the paper or over the Internet as there are thousands of offerings there. The downside is that, according to U.S. FTC – Federal Trade Commission, cars sold by private owners are advertized “as is”, meaning that they come without warranties or returns. The good side is that by purchasing from a private seller you will most likely get a better price as the seller doesn’t have that much of an experience in pricing or haggling on the purchase price. Plus, if they want to sell the car faster, they are willing to lower the price quite a lot.

eBay Motors is another great source for finding a used car at an affordable price tag. Here you have the possibility to find cars both from private sellers and dealers, who most likely are willing to drop the price in a significant matter.

Some people buy cars by taking over a lease. What they do is they acquire a late model car with lowest monthly payments and 0 down payments by taking over someone else’s lease. The only downside is that you are obliged to pay a small transfer fee. Without any doubt, this is the cheapest option you have if you want to buy a late model without having to do a down payment.

The repossessed cars have become more popular among people that are looking for a good offer. The previous owner of the car wasn’t able to continue the payments so the bank or the loan companies took it back. These cars are very popular nowadays because due to the poor situation of the economy, the banks are looking only to get back what the previous owner should have paid.

If none of the above helped you, there are Government and police seized-car auction that you could participate to. At these auctions, surplus / seized / impounded cars are listed. The auctions are in most cases conducted by the local police department, a professional auction agency, a federal organization or a state agency.

Last but not least, you could buy a cheap used car from the insurance companies that sell salvage vehicles. The insurance firms auction off cars that have been totaled in accidents / weather disasters. Many of them have repairable damage and can be quite inexpensive to restore.

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