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Nowadays, owning a car makes it simple for many to deal with daily errands. When you have a tight budget you should find out more about the solutions available. Some people are more interested in buying used or donated cars rather than new vehicles. Donated cars can be purchased at discounted prices and can be real bargains for those who have a specific budget established for a car purchase. There are several requirements that you must meet if you want to buy a donated car. Most refer to your fiscal situation. However, there are a lot of places and programs that can help you buy an affordable car.

If you are interested in buying a donated car you should find a car donation charity program available in your town. Nowadays, there are more than 150 programs available located in 33 states, but the majority of these programs are concentrated in New England and the Mid West. A useful tool to find more information about the vehicle purchasing program available in your area is the interactive map which can be found on the Donate a Car website. Another useful website is the Opportunity Cars site which will help you find the organizations, located in your own town, which sell donated cars.

Another step in the process of buying a donated car is to get some financial counseling which will prepare you to own a vehicle. Some car ownership programs, supported by car charity donations, also provide credit counseling services, financial planning and budget training services. Sometimes, you can also benefit from car repairs and insurance services when you purchase a donated vehicle. We all know that the responsibility of owning a car doesn’t end when you buy the car. You should take into consideration other costs related to car ownership including the cost of gas, of maintenance and repairs. You should realize that these are monthly expenses that you will have to cover, so getting some financial advice may be a good idea.

purchase donated cars 800x800 Buy Donated Car The counseling service will help you make sure that you meet all the requirements needed to be eligible for the purchase of a donated vehicle sold by a government support system or a charity organization. The most important requirements refer to the fact that the person who wants to buy a donated car must have at least 18 years old and must have been employed for at least nine months at his current job. Another requirement refers to the impossibility to buy the car by benefiting from a loan approved by a bank or another financial institution. You can also qualify for buying a donated vehicle if you are participating in a “post-secondary school” for a minimum of nine credit hours.

If you don’t meet these requirements you should try other programs that are available because they might not have the same rules. There are programs that receive donated cars and they can give them away at no cost to other companies that sell them at a “subsidized fee”. You also have at your disposal programs that will help you buy a cheap donated car by making a substantial reduction on the price of the car. The same programs will also set up a special plan which will help you save money for your family and coordinate your savings with charity founds.

After you buy the donated car you should think of a monthly budget which should include money for unexpected repairs, the cost of gas and the cost involved by the vehicle’s maintenance. Taking good care of the car is as important as buying it.

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