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Car Auction Georgia

One of the largest auction houses in the world, the RM Auctions organized in November 2010 an incredible classic car auction. This event took place in Gainesville, Georgia and displayed the incredible Milton Robson Collection. In one single day 56 high performance vehicles and a select range of memorabilia were auctioned. The bidders came from all around the world including countries like England and Brazil. The bidders present in the room weren’t the only ones participating at this Georgia car auction because there were also people that chose to bid for the cars auctioned via phone or Internet.

The Milton Robson Collection is the result of over 25 years of meticulous acquisition, the work of the noted collector, Milton Robson. The collection included different car models from different eras. Beginning with the Detroit muscle cars and ending with the iconic cars from the fifties and the incredible selection of original V8s owned by Henry Ford, all these cars were amazing. This 2010 RM Georgia car auction was a real success and recorded impressive sales of $9.2 millions. The collection auctioned also included a Ford Cabriolet manufactured in 1933 and an incredible 2008 Mega Truck equipped with a trailer measuring 48 feet. But the muscle cars were in the spotlight.

The star of this 2010 Georgia car auction was the 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air IV Convertible. This classic car is one of the only five models ever manufactured and the only Starlight Black ever built. As a result, this classic vehicle convinced its new owner to pay no more and no less than $682,000. Another incredible classic car displayed at the Georgia car auction was the 1960 Chrysler 300F Four-Speed convertible. The bidding for this car was competitive and exciting because it is the only factory four-speed convertible able to produce 400 horsepower. As a result, this classic car was sold for $437,250. The price listed the car in the record books and received enthusiastic applauses from the audience.

1969 Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air IV Convertible

But this 2010 Georgia car auction also displayed a 1957 Desoto Adventurer Convertible which provided a very good start for the auction, being sold for no more and no less than $341,000. Another outstanding classic car displayed at this RM auction was the 1970 Shelby GT500 Four-Speed Convertible. This classic vehicle exceeded its estimated price by convincing its new owner to pay the incredible sum of $368,500.

The Chevrolets did a very good job at this car auction being well represented and well priced. One of these classic cars was a very rare 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Factory Airbox Convertible which impressed the bidders and the people who participated at this 2010 Georgia car auction. The bidding was pretty interesting and exciting and in the end the Corvette was sold for $374,000. This rare classic car is one of just 43 models manufactured by Chevrolet during the years.

1957 Chevrolet Corvette Factory Airbox Convertible

Another incredible Chevrolet which was part of the Georgia car auction was the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 Coupe. This exotic car impressed the audience and the bidders and brought to the RM Auctions house a little fortune worth $418,000. A desirable 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air was another attraction of the auction. This classic car is a fuel-injected convertible which convinced its new owner to spend $209,000.

As any other car auction, this RM Georgia car auction was an amazing event and a very good way to observe bidders in their environment (if you are a novice in the bidding field). I hope that you will have the opportunity to be part of one of these car auctions. It’s an amazing adventure and experience!

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