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Coast To Coast Car Shipping

It might be easier for you to consider coast to coast car shipping rather than driving the automobile yourself. Why? Because you will avoid the trouble of driving the car to the new location and at the same time you will save a lot of time and gas money.

You need to know that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration advises that if you decide to hire a company that will transport the car, you need to get a written estimate about how much will it cost you. It is a very good idea to apply this principle when conducting business with a car shipping company. Suffice it to say, you should hire a reputable company that will give you fair rates – for this you will need to do a little bit of research in finding a car mover that ships domestically.

You will need to ask the shipping company what you must do in order to prepare the car for transportation. In addition, tell them exactly what you want and be 100% certain that all of the agreed upon terms are listed in the written agreement. You need to understand what is covered under their cargo and liability insurance, whether the vehicle is to be driven or carried on a platform, whether the company will pick it up and deliver it to an established residence (aka door-to-door transportation) or if you are required to take the car to the terminal and put someone to be at the destination place (aka terminal-to-terminal).

You will need to prepare the vehicle for the coast to coast shipping. If it is not in a drivable condition yet, you need to make it ready. Put a quarter gallon of gas in the tank, remove all of your personal belongings, take off the ski / bicycle rack, put down the antenna and remove any tools or loose items.

The US Department of Transportation places specific and strict restrictions on car shipping companies. They are not allowed to transport the car with any personal belongings in it – from the contents of the glove compartment to fire extinguishers. In most cases, you are allowed to let in the car a child seat and the jack and spare tire.

When taking into consideration coast to coast car shipping, you need to be prepared to pay up front for the service as most of the companies do not allow payment upon delivery. Allow a few days’ leeway in the pickup of your car, depending upon the point of origin, when shipping the car from one coast to another.

Remember to read the bill of lading – it is the document that gets shipped with your vehicle in order to establish its condition in the event of a legal dispute. Make sure that it perfectly describes the current state of your car. You’ll need to sign this bill of lading before the vehicle is taken by the company’s transport driver.

Once the car arrives at the destination point, do not be hasty about signing it off. First, examine it thoroughly or even have it inspected for any damage that might have occurred during the transportation. If everything is in order, sign the necessary papers.

HERE you can read more about the costs involved when shipping a car.

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