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Liberty Mutual Car Insurance

A great online source for car insurance would have to be Liberty Mutual where you will find an extensive range of features, benefits and services that have been created so that the client can save money and time. As far as the car insurance coverages are concerned, you will get liability, medical payments / personal injury protection, uninsured / underinsured motorists, collision and comprehensive coverage.

Aside from this, you will get additional car insurance benefits including new car replacement, accident forgiveness, unlimited rental, as well as multi-policy discount if buy more than just one policy at Liberty Mutual.

New car replacement – if the car that you have is less than 12 months old, in this case they will cover the value of a brand new one. The policy deductible applies and the coverage is for cars that have been driven for less than 15,000 miles and were not previously owned. Leased motorcycles and autos are excluded from this, while the coverage is not valid in Wyoming and North Carolina.

Accident forgiveness – you won’t have to pay a more expensive premium as a result if you have been accident-free with Liberty Mutual for at least five years and for the past three years you haven’t had any driving violations.

Unlimited rental – if you acquire the optional Rental Coverage at Liberty Mutual and you have a covered comprehensive or collision loss, the insurance company will provide you with a rental vehicle for as long as it takes a repair facility approved by Liberty to fix the damaged vehicle. The availability of this program varies from state to state.

Multi-policy discount – if you get a Liberty Mutual car insurance and you also take a home insurance at the same company, you can save up to 10% on your home insurance.

Another benefit that you can get is the Lifetime Repair Guarantee if you decide to repair your car at one of the Liberty Mutual-approved Total Liberty Care repair shops. Some of the benefits we should mention include an immediate written estimate, scheduled opportunities for estimates and repairs, and a copy of the Limited Lifetime Warranty on the repairs, along with direct payment to the TLC facility from Liberty Mutual.

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