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Can You Sell A Car Without A Pink Slip?

If you have ever wondered if you can sell a car without a pink slip (your car’s title) then I’m glad to let you know that you can. The only condition is to sell a car for which you don’t owe any money. Any local DMV will offer you the possibility to obtain a document that says you are the owner of a certain vehicle as long as you provide a photo id. All you need to do is fill a few forms and pay an insignificant fee and you will have the necessary documents to close the deal.

To sell a car without a pink slip you will have, first of all, to visit the local DMV or the County Tax office and take with you the registration of the car you want to sell. There, you will be able to find a Duplicate Title form that you will be required to fill. Another must-have is a smog certificate that should be renewed every 6 months. That’s because in most of the American states this is a document that needs to be provided when you try to sell a used car. If you have no idea where to get this test done you should ask your mechanic because he should be able to help you and direct you towards a smog test center that has some experience in the field and is certified. If you want to find such a center yourself you can start by doing some research online.
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To fill the form I mentioned before you will have to use the details you can find on your car’s registration and if you have used a loan to purchase the car you are now selling you will also have to mention that in a section called “Legal Owner of Record”. But as long as you covered the loan and you can bring proof you shouldn’t have any problems with selling your car without a pink slip. To get the proof you need you will have to contact in advance the bank that has helped you with the car’s financing and ask them to give you a notarized lien release. You should make this request in advance because sometimes it can take up to a few weeks for the papers to be provided.

Once you’ve dealt with all these documents you can sell the car to the buyer that offers you the highest price and finish filling the Duplicate Title form. You will also have to date and sign it and attach the lien release I mentioned before. The buyer will only have to fill the “New Registered Owner” section of the form. He will just have to write down his name, his address, information about his driver’s license and some details related to the transaction (the date and the price he agreed to pay). In another section the buyer will have to confirm the information he provided by signing the official document.

With the form filled you can now go back to your local DMV or to the County Tax office that provided you the form. Your car’s buyer will also have to come with you and all the documents you’ve gathered will need to be present: the form filled, the certificate issued after the smog test, your driver’s license and the registration of the vehicle you’re selling. You will also have to pay the remaining fees and that’s all. After a couple of weeks the buyer will receive the car’s papers (title and registration) and your transaction will be complete. That’s quite easy, isn’t it?

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