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Sell Classic Car

When trying to sell a classic car, things get a bit more difficult than with a normal car. It’s not exactly enough to slap a FOR SALE sign on it and shove it in the customer’s face. This take’s a little bit more time and effort and, sometimes even money. If you want to get a good price that reflects the car’s value than you need to shape up a bit, you and your car. Here are a couple of ways to do it.

Sell Classic Car

First thing you need to do is get some real studying done. Ensure yourself and the buyer that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to describing your vehicle. You need to know most things about the vehicle, the company that manufactured it, the time and other interesting historic facts.

A good presentation of the car inflicts much confidence, you showing the customer that you haven’t simple been landed with this car and want to shove it someone else’s throat. Feel free to look around for all the info you can find on the car. Magazines, historical books about the car and manufacturer, even a few car club websites may be a good source of information.

Afterwards some market research is advised. Look for any potent data that might help you in your search. Parameters like appeal for that model, frequency on the market or values are a requirement. Head to all possible sources in reach. You can start with the internet, search for online ads, classic car clubs or similar organizations, museums and other sources of the type, so that you can create a list containing all this data.

Start comparing your car (and be honest about it, since the only one you’re lying is yourself, the buyer will not be fooled) to other vehicles similar to yours. This is a good way to discover advantages and things that need to be worked on, about your car.

Than consult a vehicle history report using the Vehicle Identification Number to see what the possible buyer will see. Head to the Kelley Blue Book value identifier or the Edmunds True Market Value system to find out the estimated value of your car.

To be sure that your car is in tip top shape (especially in appearance) have it verified and rated by a professional. Be sure to have all the necessary info on the car like the type of insurance active and such. A good idea is to help out the buyer with some advice on finance companies that can provide a good offer. Same thing goes for a transportation company.

Now it’s time to shift your attention to advertising it. To make buyer analysis go faster, establish a buyer profile which contains info about age, sex, location and other factors that will make it easy on you. Afterwards figure out the places you’re going to advertise the car. Currently the internet is the best option you have since, if you subscribe to a popular website like the classified section of Edmunds, or even the Motor section of Ebay, you will make sure that there will be hundreds if not thousands of hits daily.

To have a little extra, prepare an advertising packet that contains pictures of the car, description, performances, major details of interest, possible issues and of course price and location. You should spread these around to local classic car clubs or other similar organizations, you can even try auction houses. Make sure to have the same thing ready for the possible buyer.

And you’re good to go.

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