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2008 Lamborghini


The Lamborghini Reventon was launched more than three years ago, yet to this very day it continues to amaze us all. The simple passing by of a Reventon sends anyone that gets to take a glimpse at it in a frenzy discussing shapes and sizes, speed and performance looks and price and so on.




When you look at it you’re simply blocked, it holds all the characteristics of a Lamborghini but there’s nothing out there even remotely similar to it. The Reventon is truly without equal. It’s a production road vehicle with performance values off the charts. This limited edition masterpiece has been integrated with every upgrade in car AND aeronautics technology.


Only 20 cars have been produced, each one nothing less than 1 million Euro, by this the Reventon gives exclusivity a new meaning. With performance specs unrivaled by any exotic car, the Reventon seems to be the opponent of  … jet fighters.


2008 Lamborghini


Lamborghini prides itself as the manufacturer of these extreme and exclusive vehicles that bare no compromise. Sensual, dynamic and challenging, this is the mark of the “Bull God”. The Reventon lives up to its title, bringing an extreme design and superlative specs. The Lamborghini Style Center took the basis from the Murcielago LP640 and morphed them into something completely new. If you’ve got a Lamborghini Reventon in your garage than you’re 1 in 700.000.000. The fabled name of Reventon comes from a famous bull owned by the Rodriguez family. It gained its fame from killing the beloved bullfighter Felix Guzman back in ’43.


The present Lamborghini can be easily recognized from their distinctive design which set them apart from other cars. Each car element is manufactured exactly for a purpose and to complete its function, you will not be seeing ornaments or decorations in a Lamborghini car (not that it would need any).


The Reventon has been developed according to the speed and dynamism philosophy, and has been inspired from a field where speed and dynamics are absolute leaders: aeronautic technology, which is currently responsible for the most radical and fastest of jet fighters. The new design idea that uses interrupted lines and surfaces filled with angles and contortions, create an extreme effect and unbeatable performance at high speeds.


Despite the fact that it’s based on the respected Murcielago LP 640, the bodywork of the Reventon is completely redesigned. The exterior is manufactured with a special carbon fiber material that molds perfectly over the chassis of the car. All the exterior components have been glued together and fixed to the body made of steel and CFC (carbon fiber composite).


The front has been redesigned so that big frontal air intakes could be integrated. Despite the fact that air does not go directly to the turbine like in a plane, considering that the car is powered up by a 650 hp engine, there is a lot of cool air needed to cool down the carbon fiber brakes.




Talking numbers, the Lamborghini Reventon is worthy of racing jet fighters. With a 6.5 liter V12 turbine of an engine, it develops a staggering 650 hp reaching 8000 rpm. The power to liters distribution is amazing the Reventon receiving 100 hp for every liter. Weighing little over 1500 kg and with that much power under the hood, the Reventon takes off and reaches from 0 to 62 mph in 3.4 seconds and continuing to increase more and more in acceleration until it finally reaches it’s top speed of 340 km/h (211 mph). And even at that speed the Reventon will have a firm grip of the ground.







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