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Acura Used Car Care Extended Warranty

Have you set your sights on an Acura? Well it’s understandable. The luxury division of Honda looks, well, luxurious. It’s quick it’s sleek and it isn’t shabby, Honda upholding its reputation of safety and reliability within the luxury standards of the Acura section. They may indeed be a bit pricey so if you want to get one, you might want to think of getting a used one. In that case you should really consider getting an Acura extended warranty.

Extended warranties have been flying all over, to keep up with the continuous rise of the auto market. People know that they have the ability to cover certain important parts of their car after the manufacturer’s warranty is no longer in effect. Getting an extended warranty for your car will put your mind at ease because you know that if something goes wrong with your car you will still be covered, and your car will be taken care of.

The Acura extended warranty has many advantages over most warranties of the same type. First of all, if you buy a used Acura you have the option to get a 12 month or 12.000 miles limited warranty. That may seem standard and all but Acura offers a little more to the package: you will also get a powertrain warranty that will hold for 7 years or 100.000 miles. Powertrains are the most often covered since it’s the main component of the car, and it covers: the engine, the transmission, peripherals and transmission systems, basically just about all the moving parts in a car.

Acura Used Car Care Extended Warranty

These warranties cover anything that may go wrong with your car, from materials that are faulty and need replacing after use, to manufacturing errors that will be amended. The car owners have the entire repair completed on their vehicles without the need to pay any deductibles which is quite a nifty feat.

There are even more benefits related to the Acura Extended warranty that buyers should be aware of. These warranties provide 24 hour roadside assistance. A comforting thought since you know that no matter where you are, in case of some car problems you receive a free towing to the nearest mechanical service and in some cases even an emergency fuel delivery or lock out services.

Another interesting feature is what Acura calls: “trip interrupt protection”. This means that in case your car breaks down while you are traveling you will actually be given a room and supplies for free while your car is being repaired (again, for free). This is a feat that very few car dealers and manufacturers provide.

In case you want to sell your Acura, the Acura Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles will provide you with considerable aid in doing so. The Acura Extended Warranty may be transferable from a private party to another private party, without having to change everything else in the contract except of the owner’s name in case both parties are in agreement with the current extended warranty terms placed on the car. This is a great technique to attract an interested customer towards your vehicle since he can be certain that the car in question has been kept in tip top shape, and to be thoroughly convinced he may even check the vehicle history report that can be provided by the Acura Services in affiliation with Carfax Vehicle History Report.

There you have it. Yet with all the coverage and possibilities of repair, you should consider keeping the drag racing only in Need For Speed and drive carefully. Health cannot be replaced.

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