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Theft System Problem Car May Not Start Key Semester Is Ok

Anti theft systems have been invented to make sure that you find the car in the exact place you’ve left it. As time passes these systems grow more and more, getting better, more sensitive, increasing the number of sensors and safety features integrated in the car. The problem is that they also get more complex. Because of that high level of complexity, any mistake or malfunction could cause the system to go off. You may find yourself in the situation where the car doesn’t “see” you as the owner so it locks you completely on the outside. Or you’re slowly backing out from the driveway and suddenly the car shuts down completely, considering the key in the ignition to be a false one, therefore blocking everything from the starter to the powertrain.
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If you’re planning to buy a car, make sure it has a factory installed anti theft system. One of the main reasons an anti theft system would start acting up is faulty installation. Since these usually occur on aftermarket systems, be careful with the system you purchase and, more importantly, who does the installation. Factory systems are designed to be integrated when the car is build having their special place within the on board computer. Aftermarket systems are designed to simply be compatible with most cars. But a compatible system is no match for a dedicated system therefore these are more prone to malfunctions. To add gas on the fire, if the installation is done by an amateur that starts fiddling with the car’s electrical system, then not only the system may malfunction, but it creates a whole lot of problems as well: it might damage your electrical system, and intervene with the normal functionality of other automatic systems.

Let’s see some of the things you can do when the theft system is preventing your car from starting. Your main goal should be disabling your anti theft system. The major issue is how to do it. If you own a car with a factory installed system, then kiss that idea goodbye. Keep in mind that these powerful, sensitive systems are designed to stop a car thief in his tracks. If it were so easy, then you’d have to sleep in the car to make sure it stays where you left it. The only thing you can do is to contact the dealer and have him send someone to have a look at the car.

If the anti theft system you own is an aftermarket system, then your chances look better. If you have then instructions that came with the system, then you could find the connections to the on board computer (or console) and disconnect it. Afterwards you should definitely head to the company that installed it and ask for replacement.

A factory system will only be disabled by the dealer personnel that have access to special chip scanning tools that gives them full access to the system, in order to make repairs and modifications. Therefore, a problem with a factory theft system can only mean one thing: a trip to the dealership.

If your security lights of anti theft lights are flashing when you’re starting the car, and the engine does not move, then your system has a problem. If it seems to be unable to detect your key or the remote entry signal, there may be a problem within the BCD (body control module) or the wiring. A dealer will have to scan the system with a specially designed tool in order to detect the malfunction and restore or reset the system.

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