Autopitch website revealed, set to change the way we buy cars |

At one point in time, we will need to buy a car. This usually implies hours of wasted time spent on the Internet browsing through many websites that sell cars, comparing prices or writing down numbers of specific dealers.

Seeing as how it’s our money on the line, things really shouldn’t be that way. That’s why a new website has appeared,, which promises to change the way we shop for cars online.

How does it do that? By making the dealers hunt for buyers. The system is pretty simple, and can be described as a reverse Ebay, for example. Those who want to purchase a car can post an ad, describing the model and other details, and dealers will be able to pitch their offers to the buyer.

“Autopitch is the reverse of eBay Motors,” said Brad Chase, founder of “People post the car they want and dealers bid on their business. This saves a huge amount of time and effort usually spent shopping for a car online.”

Most of the times, dealers tend to take customers for granted. But let’s not forget that buyers have the money and are doing the dealers a favor by opting to purchase from them. Hopefully, Autopitch will be able to finally put some leverage in the hands of the common user.

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