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This is a paid review ordered by Autotropolis, through ReviewMe. But stay cool, even if they paid for it, the opinions expressed here are completely mine and are not influenced in any way by them.

So, what is Autotropolis? It’s a website that wants to turn into an indispensable resource for those of you trying to find a new car. Their “weapon” is the very interesting Vehicle Selector Aid tool, reviewed by us here, a few days ago. The tool allows you to search for the best new car for you, depending on your lifestyle, your needs and your preferences. And it is pretty good, as I found out by reviewing it, the solutions it gave me being close to what I wanted. If you don’t want a suggestion, they offer you the possibility of searching by Manufacturer, Make, Type or Price.

After you decided on what car you want, which is most important thing, they offer you useful info on how to get it. You have financing information, starting from getting a free price quote, finance calculator or your credit score. The free price quote is very interesting. You select your car model, enter your zip code and they give you the TIP. TIP is short for True Internet Price and gives you the value of the car for your area, value which is, in most cases, the lowest value for which the dealer will sell you the car. This is very useful info which can help you a lot with the negotiation.

The website also has a a section with the best cars depending on the price or the body style plus a “Fuel Economy” section where it shows you the gas prices in your state. Of course, there’s a News section, with industry news and future vehicles (we don’t know if it’s better than AutoUnleashed but it’s sure worth a look). The community part consists of a forum, with subforums like BMW Forums, Chevrolet Forums and so on (it covers all the large producers) and it has about 3500 registered users and numbers show it’s growing pretty fast.

So, the conclusion is that Autotropolis has all the odds of becoming a “must-use” resource when buying a new or used car, with all the tools and info it provides. So check them out and maybe come back here and let us know what did you think of them.

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