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If you love listening to music while driving and you store all your favorite music on your MP3 then it’s time to buy a MP3 car adapter to connect your MP3 to your car.

There are three potential ways in which you can connect your MP3 to your car. You can connect it via an AUX cable, via the FM transmitter or by using a cassette tape. Choose one of the above solutions and go buy the MP3 car adapter and everything else you may need. But in order to choose the right model of adapter you should know a thing or two about your MP3 and your car. First of all, you need to determine the type of MP3 you currently own, because there’s a type of adapter that works only with a type of MP3. So you need to be able to match the two products and not spend money on a useless MP3 car adapter.

Then, decide the type of connection you’d rather choose. If you decide to go with the AUX cable, then you should known that this type of cable doesn’t come in different version, so make sure you pick a fairly simple one that it’s not going to need a big budget. If you prefer the FM transmitter solution, then you should pay more attention to quality. There are FM transmitters with low price tags, but in this case the quality of the purchase reflects exactly the price. That’s why you should consider spending an extra $40+ and get a better one rather than going for the cheapest one. The process of actually getting this adapter in place is not that complicated.

You should start by turning off the MP3 player. Then, you should find the battery door that is located on the bottom of the FM transmitter. Install the batteries you also purchased, but don’t turn on the transmitter. Next, you should plug the 1/8-inch stereo cable that is attached to the transmitter in the headphone jack that is located somewhere on your MP3 player. If the FM transmitter doesn’t come with such a cable attached to it, buy a 1/8-inch stereo cable and connect one end to the jack you should find on the side of the transmitter and the other end to the headphone jack of the MP3.

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One you’ve finished with the connecting part, turn on the MP3 player and also the FM transmitter and the car stereo. Once you’re done, set the FM transmitter by using the tuning control to a particular station that you know it’s not used in the area you live. Afterwards, all you will have to do is tune the car’s stereo to the same station.

All you need to do now is to test the operations you’ve performed. To do so, press the play button of your MP3 player and by using the fine tuning control of the FM transmitter you previously connected adjust the reception. At this point, you should be able to hear the song played on your MP3 through the speakers already installed in the car. If you can’t hear anything or the sound quality is not as good as it should be, that means you should use the fine tuning control of the FM transmitter or adjust the station control of your car stereo.

If you chose to buy a car adapter that connects to your car’s stereo, the process is as simple. All you need to do is place the cassette adapter inside the cassette player and connect the same 1/8-inch stereo cable as explained before.

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