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If you have a low budget and you need to buy a car, then you should check out an Avis used car sale. It is your chance to buy a used, reliable car at an affordable price. Also, you can easily find such a sale because this car rental company advertises its car sales on websites and has partnerships with various dealerships and AutoNation.

So, if you decide to buy an Avis rental car you should check out the virtual listings posted on their website. You will be able to find there different car models manufactured by Honda, Ford, General Motors or Chrysler. If you want to get a better deal on one of these former rental cars you should check with AutoNation because of the partnership they have with the Avis Company. The prices start at around $8,000, but the Avis sales division can be visited only in Florida. Other locations aren’t yet available.

This car rental company also organizes auto auctions for licensed dealers only. If you want to buy an Avis rental car you should visit one of the dealerships that buy their cars from such auctions. You will just have to ask the dealership’s representatives if they use to buy cars from the Memphis auto auction, the Manheim car auction (which is one of the largest dealer car auctions in the USA) or the Deanco auto auction, because these are the main places where the Avis car rental company disposes of its used vehicles. Another place that can provide you an Avis rental car is a used car lot that many times is the subject of dealer car auctions and, especially if it’s an important lot, will definitely include some used Avis rental cars. So, check the newspaper for such sales and find out if they sell cars to independent buyers as well. That’s how you will be sure you are buying a genuine Avis car.

Once you’ve located an Avis used car sale and you’ve chosen a car you should request a CarFax report before you sign a contract. You shouldn’t just trust the dealer or the staff responsible for a used car lot and suppose that the car is a genuine former Avis rental car. Also, make sure the seller can provide you with a title, because some used car dealerships and car lots sometimes practice “floating the title”. That means they haven’t paid the bank all the money for the cars they’ve purchased and can’t provide a title for the potential buyer. You should find that out before signing papers and if you are not satisfied with the answer move to the next seller.

Even if Florida is the only state where you can directly benefit from an Avis car sale through AutoNation, you should check out this option first because you will find better deals. If you are obliged to shop around, you should make sure you pay a fair price. Find out the VIN and compare the price you are requested to pay for the car with the price of other similar vehicles you can find on Edmunds.com. For an accurate comparison you need the car’s mileage.

When you participate at an Avis used car sale you should also think about purchasing an extended warranty especially if the car has a mileage that indicates less than 80,000 miles. That’s a situation frequently encountered because the Avis fleet is often renewed. You can buy this warranty online or from a franchised dealership. You will be making a great deal considering the great condition and the affordable price of the used car.

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