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Well, we know this gallery comes a little late, with the Paris Motor Show almost over, but hey, you know what they say, better late than never. An auto show isn’t perfect without some beautiful women involved and the girls from this year’s show were very pretty. Not as ‘indecent’ as some of the ones we saw back in March at the… …read the full post

Guess what car shows up in this photo and you’ll win..well, our respect. After taking several photos with this hot babe car, we had to come back to stand and see what carmaker was that. No idea why! PS: Of course we’ve got a gallery with all those beautiful girls from the show, we’ll post it after we take some more photos tomorrow. … …read the full post

The Geneva Motor Show, which is currently having its press days, like any other auto show, wouldn’t be complete without all those beautiful girls that make the overall experience even better. So we had to take pictures of some of those girls from the Swiss show. Almost all producers had beautiful girls at their stands, but special mentions go… …read the full post