Baby Rolls Royce RR4 for 2009 |

Yes, the British Luxury Car Manufacturer will present a down-sized version of the famous Phantom at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009. It is said that the so called baby Rolls Royce is meant to be the volume sale from the luxury brand, while doubling the current production volume. The codenamed RR4 will share components with the brand new 7 series from BMW.

As for engine range, it is rumored to be a V8 double turbo engine, with a sportier version V12 lurking ’round the corner. But that’s not all. A Diesel and a Hybrid are taken into consideration. While the hybrid could prove to be a good choice when considering that Rolls Royce cars are famous for their noiseless apearences, among other things, we cannot say the same thing about the diesel version.

In conclusion, Rolls Royce is downsizing. Also, their entrance in volume market segments could proove to be very a profit-wise solution. We can hardly wait for this particular unveiling at next year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Source: CarMagazine

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