Batman passion to the extreme: Real life Tumbler –

Sure, a lot of people have come to love Batman, partly due to the great success it had with the latest two films, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. But Bob Dullam has taken his passion for the Capped Crusader to new heights, building a life size working replica of Batman’s current vehicle of choice, the Tumbler. Sure, you may think that it wasn’t that hard if you have the blueprints and schematics at hand, but Bob didn’t have those things, building the vehicle from scratch, after pictures taken from the Internet.

It wasn’t an easy build, nor a cheap one, the costs taking him at about $60,000. But he didn’t stop at building the Tumbler, he also made a Batman costume to go with the car, and has also said that he will begin working on the Batpod, which also starred in the two films. So if you see this car in your rear-view mirror, rest assured that Batman is watching over you

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