Be in your own Top Gear Polar Special with Arctic Trucks, travel around Iceland in a Toyota Hilux |

By far one of the most popular adventures featured on Top Gear was the Polar Special, where Jeremy Clarkson and James May became the first men to drive a car to the magnetic North Pole, beating Richard Hammond which was manning a dog sled.

The impressive feat was largely due to the extensively modified Toyota Hilux trucks, courtesy of Arctic Trucks, a company specialized in polar exploration. But while you might have though it was a unique project, the company is now offering tours of Iceland in the same customized Hilux pick-up trucks.

You too will now be able to partake in explorations as long as you can afford them, in the rugged trucks that sport 38-inch wheels and various other enhancements in order to cope with the extreme conditions. Check out the complete offer by following this link.

Source: Arctic Trucks via Autoblog

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