Beachcomber-inspired Mini Moke might be produced, executive says |

The Mini lineup is preparing for some big expansions, thanks to the upcoming Countryman, but to the future Coupe and Roadster models.

According to Mini’s senior vice president of brand management, Dr. Wolfgang Armbrecht, the family will grow even more, as the Mini Beachcomber concept we saw at the beginning of the year, is being considered for production by BMW officials.

“We will come back to this to see if there is a business basis, as we were overwhelmed by the reaction”, said Dr. Armbrecht. “MINI will never show a concept that won’t make production.”

It seems that the bare-bone concept, which was revealed as a preview for the upcoming Countryman, might be made as a throwback to the original Mini Moke. The production model will no doubt feature some sort of fabric roof, and even removable doors, but the essence of the project is already there, thanks to the Countryman platform.

Don’t expect to ride around in this odd Mini/Jeep combo anytime soon though, as the company wants to give the Countryman ample breathing room, so it might arrive as early as 2012 or 2013. Still, would such a quirky Mini make you interested? Share your thoughts below.

Source: AutoExpress

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