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We’ve seen some pretty interesting representations of cars over the years. The last memorable one being the BMW M3-shaped headstone that a fan got for his tomb. Now, it seems some people in Beijing really love the BMW Z4. Why? Because a life-size stone statue decorates one of its boulevards.As you can see, it’s not on a pedestal or something… …read the full post

Mercedes-Benz is often credited with starting the new fad of four-door coupe models in the auto industry when it launched the CLS in 2004. Now, the company is aiming to once again flex its design muscles, and presented the new Shooting Break concept, before its debut at the Beijing Motor Show later this week. While most of the industry has gotten used… …read the full post

While the World’s head is turned towards the Olympics that just started in Beijing, that is the definitive place to have your commercial campaigns. Mini Clubman brings a whole new meaning to “chinese traditional transport”, with its very inspired campaign in the current capital of worldwide sports. The Mini-Rickshaws hit the headlines,… …read the full post

Nissan released this teaser photo of the Nissan Intima, which will make its debut at this month’s Beijing Auto Show. However, except for the fact that this will be Nissan’s flagship in China, that’s about all we got regarding the Intima. If we consider the latest rumors circulating about the Intima, this car will probably be a sporty… …read the full post

Next month, at the Auto China Show which is scheduled to start on April 20 in Beijing, the Chinese carmaker Geely will present more than 20 models, of which the most interesting will be the Geely CE Hatchback and the Geely GT. The Geely GT, also known as the Geely Tiger marks Geely’s advance upmarket and the 4.9 meter concept is described by… …read the full post