Best American Car To Buy 2010 –

The only valid solution I could think of is to research and construct a ranking of the top 5 model sales of 2010 to help me make an idea where the market has shifted the most, hoping that all of us to get a better grip on the situation and maybe even find the best car suited for our personal purposes within the top 5.

On the 5th place the ever present Honda Civic as one of the most popular compact cars in America since its launch in 1973. The strong assets of the Honda Civic are the high level of fit and finish, an impressive reputation for reliability and low running costs. The tweaks made to it to improve the environmental awareness and superior performances, makes the Honda Civic a top choice for many Americans.

The 4th place is occupied by another Honda, the Accord this time. This car has earned the interest of the Americans not by being luxurious or sporty or possessing high performance capabilities, but by providing all the necessary needs to every American. It’s strongly build and safe. On the road is very comfortable and roomy, which is an important factor that places it over most coupe’s, and it’s intelligent: offering a wide variety of specs to it. This car is what I like to call a “work-horse” it’s not meant to be great or shiny or super fast. It’s sole job is to get you on the road and back home safe. A job taken very seriously by Honda.

Our 3rd place is occupied by the Toyota Camry, which despite of the late start in 1983 when it replaced the Corona and quietly entering the market, would grow, morph and finally dominate the entire midsize family sedan segment for the next 30 years. Standing tall with high quality body structure, an impressive durability and ensured comfort on the road, the Camry is the best choice you can have when seeking a roomy comfortable and dependable family car.

Our runner up is the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. A part of the pick-up trucks family the Silverado is a major player on the market. No matter the terrain or the load, this truck will get the job done. Being surprisingly light for a pick-up, it can serve as the weekday family car, or it can tow a boat on the weekends when trips can’t be missed. It provides all the features people want as standard like air conditioning, navigation system, CD-player and electric windows making it a solid pick no matter what its intended use is.

And finally the king of pickup trucks happens to be number 1 in our top, the Ford F-250 Super Duty. There are a ton of reasons for this pick-up to be leader. One of them is the fact that Ford offered an impressive variety of body styles, powertrain options and trim levels to choose from. For this reason, no matter if you’re a business man, or a big rancher, this car will suite just fine with all your demands. Very powerful and silent, this car will run smooth even with massive payloads, being very easy to drive and comfortable to ride in. Big improvements to the engine, handling dynamics increased and a redesigned cabin with higher quality materials can only be a huge asset to any buyer.

Concluding our top 5 I think I may have stumbled over the car I’m getting. Have you?

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