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Whether your insurance expired or just bought a car now is the time to get a new insurance. The car market increasing exponentially with faster cars at better prices, so did the insurance companies thrived and offered an even bigger coverage at a smaller price. Let’s check out the top ten car insurance companies. The review will be made regarding four major parameters: Response and Repair, Policy flexibility, Benefits and Discounts and Customer service & Claims Timeliness each rated from 0 to 4 stars.

Best Car Insurance Rates

Starting with number 10, the AAA is sporting 2 stars for Response and Repair, only 1 star for Policy Flexibility for a very rigid membership system. Full Stars are given to Benefits and Discounts and 3 stars for Customer Service and Claim Timeliness. It boasts with features like Approved Auto Repair Units, Comprehensive road side assistance and retail & travel discounts. It’s major flaw is that it cannot be used as a stand alone insurance.

Ranked 9 the Allstate receives a very balanced 3 stars in all four segments, as it offers decent discounts, has agents distributed wide across the states, the initial response is great (towing for example) and it would receive full marks in the Customer service department if not for certain delays. Some of the good features are: Deductible discounts for accident free years, Car replacement programs and Flexibility.

Liberty Mutual bests the Allstate only by half a star in the Customer Service department therefore placing itself on the 8th position. The Response, Policy flexibility and Benefits are all rated with 3 stars. Some of the standout features include 12- month policies, Liberty care facilities and Multy-Policy savings. A big no-no is the difficulty in obtaining car repair approval.

Next in line, ranked 7 is State Farm with constant 3 and a half stars on every department. It’s major advantage is the wide spread in the United States and Canada as well as the quality Customer Service. A big flaw is the questionable reliability in the agents in case of accidents and incidents.

On 6th place we find the Farmers Insurance company. Despite the fact that it’s rated the same as the State Farm also at 3.5 stars in every department. The standout features are superior, offering tempting Driver Discounts and certain rewards and a wide array of Customized policies. The places where it still needs work are the streamlined efficiency, and the ease of use or savings.

The middle of our top ten is occupied by the USAA, ranked 3 Stars in Response and Repair, 3.5 stars in Policy Flexibility and full stars in Benefits and Customer Service. It features business operations oriented on savings and expansive discounts for policyholders. The downside is that if you’re not a member of the US Armed Forces you are not eligible for this insurance.

On 4th place is Nationwide with 3.5 stars in Response, Policy Flexibility and Benefits and gets 4 stars in Customer services. The features include : Nationwide Iphone accesibilty, 100% guarantees on repairs, and Blue Ribbon Claims.

With 3.5 stars in Response and Customer Service and full stars in Policy Flexibility and Benefits the Esurance Company is ranked third. It has a wide array of features like: thoroughly informative website, “E-Star Direct Repair Program”, operations that are savings oriented, and efficient claims process.

Our runner up is Progressive that recives 3.5 stars in Policy Flexibility and Benefits and 4 stars in Response and Customer Services. It’s probably the most complex insurance company.

And our winner is GEICO that has full EVERYTHING, complete coverage and unbeatable offers making it number 1

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