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April 2010 was a good month for leasing a car. For the first time only one car manufacturer dominated the top 5 with its models: Rav4, Camry and Corolla that occupied the first three places. The LVR that went below 1% was also good news.

It is the first time when the Monthly Car Lease website and the Product Review Ratings were able to announce such a low LVR. The .96 LVR turned the Toyota RAV4 in the best car lease of April 2010. The RAV4 was also considered a great deal, because only a few other SUVs are usually able to obtain such good ranking in the top of best car leases. The RAV4 lease was available in April 2010 for just $199 and a down payment of only $1299 that included the first month payment as well. And for a value of $24,019 you were getting an outstanding 4-wheel drive SUV with a fuel economy system, safety measures included, a five-passenger capacity and the cargo space of a mid-size SUV. With great handling on slippery roads and not only and with its sporty look, the RAV4 was with no doubt the best April 2010 car lease.

Another option was the 2010 Toyota Camry, also available for a monthly lease rate of $199 and a down payment of 1,199. The Corolla was the next best April 2010 car lease that you could have been interested in if you enjoy driving a sedan. The value of the rate was $169 a month, while the down payment reached $1099. Toyota definitely dominated the top and even if in March and February 2010 their deals were extraordinary as well, in April the car manufacturer really went the extra mile for its customers.

Honda was another competitor for the best April 2010 car lease title. The company continued with their special offer that involved 0 down payment for some of its models including the Accord and the Civic. Mazda, on the other hand, decided to go with a zero down payment and low monthly payments for the 3-series, 5-series and for the 5-door models. You could get a Toyota RAV4 with no down payment as well, as long as you asked your dealer to make you an offer. That kind of deal would have led to a monthly payment of $235-$240, according to a car lease calculator. But if you would have used your power of persuasion you could have easily convinced the dealer to offer you the RAV4 lease for only $199 a month and no down payment.

BMW 335i Convertible

The BMW cars could have also been considered as part of the best April 2010 car leases because of the BMW 335i Convertible that could have been leased for a monthly payment of $499 and a down payment of $5,324. This offer helped this BMW model to win over the 7th place of the April 2010 Car Lease Specials. On the other hand, the BMW 550i was rather unusually expensive to lease. The $809 monthly payment and the down payment of $6,184 were definitely not for tight budgets.

We all hope that April 2011 will be as giving, but even if the lease deals available so far aren’t the best car lease deals of 2011, there are some options that are worth taking into consideration. An example would be the Honda Civic Hybrid available for a monthly payment of $260 and no down payment for 35 months or the Toyota Camry Hybrid for $249 a month and a down payment of $2499 (36 months and a 1.03% LVR). Not so bad, is it?

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