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Car prices going up and down like crazy, market variations and thousands of offers for cars that will be worth at least $500 less, the second they are driven off the dealership premises. It is categorized as a used car days afterwards. And it will suffer heavy depreciation in the following year. I for one would rather lease it, use it as long as it’s new and shiny, pay only for the depreciation and when the lease is over, go get another completely new one with just about the same money.  This can be done without binding myself to a 5 year loan that will make me pay more than the car is worth, and end up with one that will be worth half afterwards.

That’s the beauty of leasing, not to mention that I’m under full warranty the whole time. So if I captivated your attention, than let me show you just what kind of car could have been leased in 2010.

Check out this 2009 Mercedes S550 4MATIC. It only has 17.700 miles out of a maximum of 40.000 with an average of 797 miles / month. This one carries itself around with style, boasting under the hood a huge V8 engine and comes with automatic transmission. It is extremely efficient taking 15 mph on city and 22 on the highway. Equipped with all the needs you can possibly think of, featuring ABS, CD player, alarm, Cruise control, power seats, Bluetooth and many more. To make things interesting, this car can be yours with less than $1250 a month on a period of 28 months.


If you think it’s a bit too much for your pocket but still want a luxurious powerful car than maybe you’d rather go for the 2010 BMW X6 50i. Boasting an amazing price of $760 / month. With the current mileage at 10.000 out of a maximum of 30.000 it means that it can be yours for 20.000 miles more with a calculated average of 1177 miles / month. Reporting as outstanding condition inside and out, this elegant mammoth is powered by a V8 engine and equipped with an automatic transmission that governs the all wheel drive makes the BMW as classic, safe and smooth as ever. The only downside to it is that it’s required a $3500 down payment.

Another Mercedes makes its way on our list. This time we’re talking about the 2010 Mercedes E350. With a 29 months period remaining and only $659 per month this is the bargain of the year. The 461 miles / month may pose a little problem, but not enough if you organize your time effectively. For a smaller sedan, the V6 engine is more than enough to carry it on and about. Like any other Mercedes it’s packed to the teeth. Abs OnStar, power steering, sun roof, keyless entry, custom wheels and xenon lights are only a few of the many features embedded in this car.

Amongst so many models of Mercedes and BMWs the 2010 Infinity G37 Coupe makes its way. With 24 months remaining and boasting a price of $461 per month, this luxurious car can be more than a match at least for the BMW if not for the Mercedes. The down payment is only $1000 for a sleek, elegant Coupe. Equipped with a V6 engine that runs on regular gas (a little save for the pocket) and coming with automatic transmission and four wheel drive it will take you where you need to go in style.

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