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When we buy a new car we are more than ever interested in quality. And we all know that the best car depends on its manufacturer. In addition to this, with the increasing number of vendors on the market, decisions become harder and harder to take.

That’s why I took a look at market leaders in order to provide you the latest ranking. It appears that Honda and Subaru are still the leaders, but the South Korean competition is coming strong from behind. It appears that Hyundai/Kia has made a good game in the last year, because they just jumped to fourth place from a more modest place, the ninth.

When it comes to the American manufacturers it seems that Ford has improved since last year and beat Mitsubishi when it came to the 11th position. Other competitors, like Chrysler have dropped a few points or just kept their place in the hierarchy. That would be the case of General Motors. Even if they tried a new approach and got rid of more than one third of their models and half their brands they still got the second place from the bottom.

The European market improved, because it invested in reliability. Both Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen worked in that area and came up with a reliability factor estimated at average overall.

The features that were taken into consideration refer to performance, comfort, fuel economy and of course reliability. These factors determine the place in the market for each car and define the best new car.

These tests have showed that when it comes to Honda, Acura models and more precisely Honda Insight Hybrid are among the most reliable cars. Although the recent models aren’t that centered on interior quality and fuel economy, Honda still remains a strong competitor. The Asian market is recommended by Hyundai/Kia as well. With models like Hyundai Elantra, Kia Optima or Santa Fe SUV they raise the interest of buyers. Another important name is Toyota, but due to its recent safety recalls it’s loosing points and the interest of the public.

In Detroit, Ford has come up with a few good options that manage rather well fuel consumption and overall performance. That’s why more then 75% of their models are recommended. Such examples are the new Ford Fusion and of course Mercury Milan.

Other older models, like Explorer SUV and Ranger might not be as exciting and well equipped. Also, another local competitor, Chrysler has recovered, conquering the market with the Dodge Ram Pickup and announcing new and improved models.

Volkswagen and Audi have made European market attractive by improving their standards. The Golf from Volkswagen and the Jetta 2.5 have an excellent reliability as well as Passat and Audi A3. Mercedes-Benz has also been a strong competitor with its GLK small SUV that tested as excellent when it came to reliability.

Every market brings strong competitors and choices when it comes to buying the best new car are many. The newest releases raise a lot of interest along with older models, but sometimes newer goes with improved. So spend your money wisely!

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