Best November 2010 Car Lease –

Car leasing is an option for people who like to change the car they drive every 2 or 3 years and finding great deals is easy, because every month car manufacturers come with new incentives and great offers.

November 2010 was a good month for car leasing because being one of the last months of the year, dealers tried to do their best and come up with attractive offers. Some of the best November 2010 car leases belonged to Cadillac, Buick and Mazda. Cadillac was offering an interesting deal for the Cadillac CTS Sedan model with a LVR (Lease Value Ratio) of only 1.05. The only downfall was the limited number of miles: only 10,000 per year and the fee of $0.25 for any extra mile driven. But considering that you were leasing a $37,250 luxury car and you were required to cover a monthly payment of only $349 and a down payment of $2,000 you should have thought twice before dismissing it. You could just negotiate with the dealer the mileage limit and the fee per extra mile. Specialists also found a bit odd the lease term which was of 39 months.

Buick also offered one of the best November 2010 car leases and was more generous with the mileage limit set at 12,000 miles a year. The fee for extra miles was lower (only $0.15 per mile). This offer applied to the 2011 Buick Regal CXL which was at the time a $27,000 car offered at a low LVR (of only 1.09). Mazda made its presence felt on the car lease market by offering a great deal for the Mazda 3 Hatchback. This excellent November 2010 car lease involved $0 down payment and a monthly payment of only $239.

Toyota lost its leadership in November 2010, but this unfortunate event was compensated by the better lease deals offered for these American built cars I mentioned before. Like always, an interested client should have paid attention to the mileage limit, the lease term and the fees involved by extra miles.

Another best November 2010 car lease deal was that offered by Volkswagen for the 2011 Jetta model. It was an attractive deal because the down payment necessary was of $0 and the monthly rate of only $239. Despite these numbers, the Jetta didn’t actually reach top 10 because of the low MRSP of only $16,900. It’s true that it had strong competitors: Mazda, Toyota and Honda models. The low manufacturer retail suggested price was designed to convince more people to actually buy a Jetta and not only lease it. If it is the car of your dreams you shouldn’t have hesitated to lease it.

Luxury car leases were also part of the best November 2010 car leases because of the deals offered by BMW. This car manufacturer offered leases that involved $0 down payment for all its 2011 models except for the X3 xDrive 28i and the 35i. The lease terms were of 36 months and when you signed the contract you had to cover only the first monthly payment. Lincoln was also competitive offering great lease deals for two of its 2011 models: the MKS and MKZ. It offered a lease term of 27 month and a monthly payment of $499 for the MKS and of $399 for the MKZ model. If you had signed a lease agreement for a Lincoln car in November 2010 you would know that the package also included the services of the complimentary maintenance program this car manufacturer offers its clients.

November 2010 was indeed a good month for a lease deal.

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