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There are many questions revolving used cars, especially when it comes to purchasing a used car. Many wonder whether it is better to head for the nearest dealerships, other may advise you to search the classifieds, or head to a huge franchise such as CarMax. Every place has its own advantages and disadvantages, therefore picking only one place would be wrong. Understand that each individual may treat the car buying process differently, for others, haggling with a dealer could be a pain; others may see it as a challenge and so on. So let’s check out the best places to purchase a car.

First of all we have the huge franchise known as CarMax. This dealership has over 100 stores throughout the country. In the last few years, CarMax has established itself as one of the best alternatives when on the market for a CPO (Certified Pre Owned) car. They place their cars under rigorous tests. Rumor has it that over 50% of the cars are dumped at auction houses since they fail the tests and therefore are not distributed amongst their dealership branches.

One of the best things about CarMax is that, in spite of the dealership status it has, purchasing a used car is a hassle free process. Since they have a very efficient system and, well establish staff the process is very straightforward. The staff members are given salaries not commissions, therefore no matter whether you buy a Ford or a Chevrolet, they get paid exactly the same. This means that no one will be pushing cars down your throat; instead they will aid you in finding the best car that suits you the most. No matter what kind of car you choose, or whether you bring a trade in, you will be getting a fixed price, on both your car and the one you’d like to purchase.

Another good heading would be a CPO dealership. A certified vehicle will eliminate any doubts in your mind about the car’s condition. If it is sold by a representative or a dealership that holds the same brand, then you can be completely sure that they have tested the cars and all the repairs have been done only with manufacturer parts. Not to mention that they receive the best warranties on the market. GM will offer a five year or 100.000 miles powertrain warranty on all GM cars. The only problem regarding CPO cars is that they don’t come cheap. Having so many advantages was bound to attract a “solid” purchase price. For example, the average premium for a 2006 CPO car can get up to 1900 dollars.

And finally, the third and probably the most “relaxing” of all purchase processes, is buying a car from a private party. This is probably the widest of all car selections, since there are tons of classifieds online and in every newspaper. The negotiation will be a lot simpler when dealing with another party than a salesman, while the risks of getting fooled are much lower.

The biggest problem when purchasing from a private party is that, if you decide to buy the car, then you’ll buy it as is. No private party can, or is even eligible to offer any form of warranty for the car, so unless the car already has an active warranty coverage placed on it you will be buying it in its exact condition. A good idea would be to get a trusted mechanic and inspect the car from top to bottom. This will greatly diminish the risk of purchasing a lemon.

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