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In the opinion of many, there is not such a thing as a best place to sell a car as they live by the statement: the more, the batter. In other words, people should not limit their advertising to only just one place, one website or one method. In order to have better chances of selling a car, the vehicle should be available to a larger audience, and by audience we mean potential customers. Many people that don’t want to go through all this trouble choose to trade in their vehicles at dealerships. By doing so, they lose about $500-$1,500 (depending on the make and model), according to AutoTrader – a website that specializes in selling used cars.

We are going to assume that you do not want to walk away from this money and you will want to put serious work into selling the car. For this reason, you should put your efforts into online listings as they provide the most exposure money can buy. If you didn’t know, millions and millions of car buyers are searching the automotive websites in their attempt on finding an affordable used car. So, if you want to expose your car to these people, move into the 21st century and list it on some of these websites.

The vast majority of the websites will ask you to pay for a fee in order to allow you to post a listing and photos of the car you plan on selling. Due to this reason, you need to be very attentive with the websites you choose as some of them will not offer you the exposure you have hoped for. On the list of priorities you should write down eBay Motors, AutoTrader and CarsDirect, as with these we can assure you that your investment is in a safe and profitable place.

Speaking of eBay, similar to other types of products sold there, potential car buyers will make bids on your vehicle and at the same time you will have some control regarding the final price of the vehicle. By “some control” we mean that you are able to set a reserve level, a minimum price tag and you will not be obligated to seal the deal unless you get the money you asked for. The other two websites we mentioned above are more simple and direct. Basically you advertise your car with the help of a full-page ad, which is a lot more when you compare it to a three-line newspaper listing. The number of pictures which you are allowed to attach to your listing and the price are usually the most important differences between these websites.

Of course, there are other ways to advertise your car except putting it on the Internet. Here are some of the most popular alternatives available: daily newspaper classified ads, word of mouth, bulletin boards at work, college campus or local supermarket and in giveaway newspapers or weekly “shoppers”.

Putting an ad in a daily newspaper is still considered by many the best place to sell a car. The most difficult thing about this issue is to choose the right newspaper. Many people say that the best way to go is by putting an ad in a smaller daily newspaper as the ad will not get lost among other ads that cover the same car you plan on selling. Of course, you know more about your local newspapers, number of copies sold, targeted audience and so on. Choose wisely as you will most likely have to pay a fee for your ad.

Word of mouth it still is a proven way of selling a car or any other type of product. It will probably remain a reliable advertising method in the future. “Word of mouth” means that you should tell your family and friends that you want to sell the car. Also, talk to neighbors, people at work and anybody else who is able to carry on your message, offering more exposure to your car. Putting up a listing a bulletin board at work, local campus or at your college campus is another great (and free) way of advertising your car. Although it won’t be visible to a large number of people, you never know who might be interested in purchasing it. Weekly “shoppers” and giveaway newspapers should be your last resort as these are not very efficient methods of advertising and should be taken into consideration if all the above fail, although they shouldn’t.

Regardless of the method or methods you choose to advertise your vehicle, make sure that the car looks attractive and clean. We are talking not only about taking it to your local carwash, there are other things that should be done in order to make it more appealing. First, wash and vacuum it to give it a fresh look; you might also want to get it detailed. Fix any scrapes, dings and dents to give it a more attractive look. Avoid selling the car “as is” by making low-cost repairs. Remove all of your personal belongings from the car and empty the ashtrays. It is highly advisable to hire a mechanic to do a thorough checkup of the car and issue a report about its condition. You will use it to motivate a potential customer.

If you decide to pay for an expensive classified ad, make sure that you are available to answer to phone calls from potential buyers of your vehicle. It might come as a surprise for many but there are lots of people that don’t leave a message for a return call. For this reason, it is recommended to answer the phone and be polite because first impression really do matters and you will have better chances of convincing the potential customers to come and see the vehicle you plan on selling.

One last piece of advice would be to determine your asking price by checking the local classified ads in your area or by visiting websites like Edmunds.

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