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The process of selling a car online can get really complicated, if that car happens to be a classic car, than you’re in for one challenging undertaking. If you want to sell a classic car online than you’re going to need a couple of photos that present the car in detail. Some patience and a touch of creativity when advertising the car, and of course, a complete and accurate description of the car. Armed with these advertising tools, and the knowledge of dealing with inaccurate or fraud offers, you can sell a car online with little trouble.

The first step is also the single most important when trying to sell a classic car: PHOTOS. Take as much high quality photos as possible. A buyer will always appreciate better something he can actually see. Each user that places an ad on the internet, yet doesn’t have a couple of photos to present it, will sell the item with great difficulty because people will either treat it as something completely broken, or a scam.

If you want to sell the car effectively then take at least 20 pictures of the outside of the car. Try to catch every angle and every shape of interest. Don’t forget about the trunk, the tires, the hood, and even the engine. Don’t hide the minimal imperfections the car might have because a prospective buyer will see them anyways when he comes to see the car.

Ok, now it’s time to head inside. Once again try to catch every feat and item of interest. Take representative photos to show the quality of the seats, the condition of the glove box, instruments, gauges, the dashboard, upholstery and other key features the car may have and would help you present it better online. It may seem as a lot of work but you know what they say “a photo values more than 1000 words”. The internet takes that literally and helps buyers and sellers alike, by providing the virtual place necessary for such transactions to take place.

Like I said earlier, the Internet provides the ultimate advertising method. You can find hundreds of websites online, specialized only on classic car transactions. Websites such as OldRide, ClassicCarsOnline, or AutoTradeClassics will definitely help your chances of selling a classic car a lot faster. In case those websites don’t generate the interest you were hoping for, than you can switch to the biggest transaction websites in the world: Craigslist and eBay where you can advertise your car for free.

Increase your chances by coming up with creative ads that “stick” to the mind of a customer. A little creativity can go a long way because slapping a FOR SALE ad won’t bring you much action, especially if you present a car like you’d be presenting the news “it has 1 body, 4 wheels, 1 engine”. Try to make the appearance of the car attractive. Use words like, long life, body filled with history, the many happy miles you’ve hand in it, and such. On the other hand, don’t fluff it up because you might present the car as something that it’s not which can seriously damage your chances since a buyer that has seen the car can accuse of you of false advertisement.

And finally sort the offers with great care. If something seems to be too good to be true, it usually is. Pay close attention to people that claim to be from “a distant land” and offer to pay the whole price plus a transport fee. This is the oldest scam trick in the book.

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