Best Place To Sell A Muscle Car –

Nobody can say that this or that is the best place to sell a muscle car as selling such vehicles takes a ton of work if you are looking to get the maximum amount of money possible for the vehicle. You need to be aware of the fact that you will be reaching out to a niche market and the chances are that you will not be able to sell it only by advertising it in your local newspaper unless you are lucky enough to live in an area where there are many muscle car enthusiasts.

The best place to start finding a new owner for your muscle car would be at eBay Motors where you could consider an online auction. On eBay there are more than 10 million shoppers with cars being sold every minute. You have to know that you will have to pay a fee in order to list your car and also you will also have to pay a commission, but the exposure you get in exchange is huge.

Another great source to sell your car would be at AntiqueCar. At this website your ad will be active for three months and you can attach up to eight pictures of your vehicle. For additional fee, you can upgrade your ad in order attract more traffic.

It would be highly advisable to consult with Barret-Jackson Auction Company, LLC. They organize those very popular onsite auctions in Arizona and Florida.

Some consider Carlisle Events to be the best place to sell a muscle car. They host a great selection of antique / classic / muscle / hot rod / trucks / motorcycles and so on. Each and every year they attract more than 500,000 enthusiasts so the exposure for your muscle car is guaranteed. You need to fill out an online form in order to become a consigner to sell your vehicle at their auction.

You should know that on the Internet there are many blogs and forums where you can create a free account and advertise word-of-mouth as well as attach pictures. It is a great and free method to offer additional exposure to your muscle car.

If you want to attract even more audience to this niche market you should advertise your muscle car in Hemmings through hard copy or online. Although you will be obliged to pay a small fee, you should know that it is at the moment the largest collector-car source for enthusiasts.

Don’t forget the oldest form of advertising which is word-of-mouth. You should start spreading the word that you are selling your beloved muscle car. Tell your family, friends, relatives, high school acquaintances, the guys over at work, neighbors – basically all the people you know.

It would be highly advisable to use all of the above mentioned options as the more exposure your muscle car gets, the more chances you will have to sell it at a better price. Don’t forget about the preparations that you have to make if you decide to sell it. You should keep all of the car’s original paperwork, especially if you are the original owner of the vehicle. This will add value to your car. Next, you should take inventory of all the car’s parts so that the potential buyer will know all there is to it about your muscle car.

Take high quality pictures of your car and if you have remodeled or rebuilt the car, share the accurate records of your progress through the pictures that you took. Don’t forget about mentioning all of the flaws / damages of the car as the buyer will want to know what he is paying a lot of money. You should also have the VIN available as it will tell the potential customers the engine code to specify what type of engine the muscle car has, the vehicle build sequence number, the body style and so on.

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