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Best Way To Sell A Car Online

Tired of the car you own? Fell like changing it for something else? Well then it’s time do sell, sell, sell. I know what you must be thinking, that selling is an annoying process with as much fun provided as a cracked engine. Probably that’s why people head to the simplest strategy: put a “FOR SALE” sign on the car window, eventually make a little publicity for it in the local news papers, in the classifieds section and hope for the best.

Others would rather take the easy way out and head directly to a used car dealership. The procedure is hassle free and very convenient as dealers can evaluate quickly the actual value of the car, but, of course underpricing it. If you decide to go to a dealership you might as well deduct up to 1500$ from your car’s profit (depending on the presented model).

If you have a little patience and desire to do a good job, then there is another way to solve the problem. Take the job head on and move your entire presentation online. Every day there are thousands of people snooping through car websites, looking for the best deal that can be found. If you want the job  done properly and gain the most out of it then you need to place your car on the most visited and viewed websites. Here are some good techniques to do it:

First of all remember, the rules still apply even if you go for online advertising. So get cleaning. The inside of the car better be spotless, take special attention to the seats, the dashboard and the windows, fix any broken knobs or busted lights. Your car better be in tip top shape if you want to sell it and keep in mind that no matter the type of transaction or presentation, you have to be honest about the performance and maintenance of the car if you want to be taken seriously, else you’ll be getting bad reviews and you’ll be holding on to that car for a ….while.

Best Way To Sell A Car Online

Best Way To Sell A Car Online

Next you need to get all the necessary papers related to the car. Service record, oil changes, other additions to the car, tune-ups and maintenance papers are a requirement for any seller. Also be sure to have a history report from Carfax so you may present it to the buyer to ensure him that the car has been kept functioning at optimal parameters.

Next step is choosing the proper websites. You should know that most sites have a small fee to enable you to post photos of your car and the car ads, so be careful what sites you decide to go with. A very good idea would be to head for Ebay Motors (motors.ebay.com) or another good candidate is the Autotrader.com. These are some of the most visited sites with thousands of hits every day. Another huge advantage is that Autotrader offers the seller an entire page-space for the ad, compared to others that give 2 -3 lines on the car and a small photo.

Next in line is offer. You need to provide an irresistible offer to the client. To do that, inspect Kelley Blue Book to know your car’s value on the market compared to a dealer’s offer. Or you can use the Edmund Calculation System that enables you to insert specific data about your car and shows you a good price. After that advertise everything you can about the car, highlight special features and consider even a photo of the odometer to let them see there’s no nonsense around it.

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