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Every time I make a new purchase, especially an expensive one I think about prices and about getting the best deal possible. Sometimes timing it’s the key to success. All it takes it’s to be well informed and have patience until the right one comes along. That’s always a condition in life.

A best time to buy a new car is the month of December. As we all know December is associated with gifts and car dealers feel generous as well, but there are other reasons for buying a car this month as well. Usually the manufacturers release the new models in September. Considering the delay necessary for the new offer to penetrate the market, December is the month when the new will replace the old. That’s why the prices for the older models will drop a little making your dream car affordable. You get the latest technology at a lower price just because car dealers decide to promote the new models. In addition to this, discounts are extremely popular this month.  Also, because dealers want to pay as little taxes as they can in the next year, they will come up with a good price for you or offer you a very convenient car financing.

Another very appropriate time to buy a car is the end of every month. That is because every car dealer has a monthly target. So, in order to achieve their goal they will either reduce the price, making the offer more attractive or they will tempt you with some incentives or interesting benefits. This rule applies only to models that aren’t very popular and a bit harder to sell, because the other ones will sell rapidly making it possible for the car dealer to meet his numbers. But it’s important to keep an eye on the market and seize the moment when the public interest for a particular car drops dramatically. That’s your moment and with enough practice you will be able to take advantage of it.

Another best time to buy a car is Labor Day. Every year in September, the first Monday it’s going to be all about the release of new models and plenty of demands for these. Considering that, you will see that the price on older models will drop a little and might also include some tempting incentives.

There are also other times and situations you can take advantage of: economic recessions (even if we all hate recession from time to time it happens and we should just make the best of it), production cuts or other events that make car prices just shrink and make us happy. It’s not quality that it’s reduced! Just the price!

As long as you have a plan set in your mind, a budget that it’s proportional with your desires and an open mind continuously going after new information you are good to go. And like in any other field practice makes you perfect. So never stop looking and be patient: there’s always a good deal out there!

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