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Like the saying goes: “there is a time for everything” also available in the car market. There is a specific time of the year to sell a specific car. There are a lot of variables that can influence a car price and demand. Current season, types of events that might occur, holidays or other community changes may influence the flow of interested customers/ sellers. So getting the best price for your car is a matter of patience, tactics and research.

Best Time Of Year To Sell Car

People usually head for buying a car to call their own when they get fed up with public transports. Either the price get’s higher, which can be very frustrating since you spend enough on a monthly basis without the need of paying an extra buck each time you have to be somewhere. And another important factor is weather. Imagine staying a half an hour in a bus stop in the middle of winter until finally a bus comes along finding you frozen stiff. The same scenario goes for summer when you’ll be tanned by the time, whatever means of transport you choose, has arrived. At this time people tend to put their foot down and head for a car.

Next factor is the cost of a car. Since the car demand will raise more and more, when the expenses paid for public transportation tend to match those of owning a car. This is the best time for environmentally friendly cars because they cost so much less to drive and maintain because of their fuel efficiency when gas price goes up. So a good piece of advice is to go and research a bit the public transport situation, because the more fed up people get, the more chances you have to sell your car.

Best Time Of Year To Sell Car

Attempting to sell during holidays may be very rewarding since a lot of sales are going on during holidays. You can turn your car into a great gift for someone so besides the fireworks and party hats for the 4th of July, have some FOR SALE signs ready. Another great time to sell is during college graduation since you have the chance to make a graduate really happy and you have the chance of getting a good price for it.

Another thing to take into consideration is your car’s shape. If you don’t plan on holding a car for too many years, try selling the car before it gets to 100.000 miles. Offering a car that has under 100.000 miles tells a possible buyer that the car is still pretty new and had not suffered much use. Once you cross over the 100.000 miles mark you will have a hard time selling it. No matter what condition is the car, it might as well sparkle and you still won’t get a good price on it. Always check the car and maintain it frequently, do this and you will have a rich Vehicle History filled with proper maintenance operations that will surely delight any possible customer.

Always consider special events. For example, selling a decent truck and it so happens that the hunting season is starting in your area than you have a major chance not to be wasted. Advertise your truck with haste before the hunting season starts and you’ll see every ranger or sharpshooter at your doorstep demanding a price and car info. The same goes for a good car equipped with snow tires. Advertising it during the first snow will get you more customers than you bargained for.

Remember no matter what type of car you’re selling, timing is just as important as price.

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