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The first thing that people tend to do when buying a car is going to the dealership unprepared. They figure that they will find a suitable car right there at the dealership. This tactic is WRONG. Because going unprepared means that you have no idea what kind of car you’re looking for, you’re based on the car looks alone (since you haven’t researched any specifications for it), and you have no idea about the price. So basically the dealer can tell you whatever he wants and you have no way to contradict him.

Research is the basis of any successful car purchase. Before going to the dealership, you should firstly look at your lifestyle: what kind of driver you are, do you have a family, what are your needs regarding the car and so on. Afterwards do a little research and find the car that fits closest to your demands.

One major factor that can deeply affect everything beginning with the hassle and ending with the actual purchase is TIME. When is the best time to buy a car? That is the question on everybody’s mind and the basis of our article. There are many disputes to this and some “theories” may seem farfetched. The weird thing is that most of these theories are actually correct, or at the very least plausible. Let’s see some of the best times to purchase a car.

It may sound strange but a rainy day could provide the perfect business opportunity and it might be the best time to buy a car. The main idea is that a rainy day means no customers, therefore no sales for the dealer, so for a single client; the dealer will make a bigger discount only to make a sale. But there’s a twin edge to this, because if you are willing to stay in the rain only to buy a car, you’re telling the dealer that you desperately need one.

Another good time to buy is during the holiday period. This is actually a proven fact. Since few people do important purchases such as a car during a holiday such as Christmas for example, the dealer will try to get his hand on any client that comes through the dealership’s door. Therefore you might end up with a great Christmas present.

Many believe that if you show up at a dealership when it’s almost closing time, the dealer will respond to your demands better only to close up and go home. Well, this is not exactly true. Only an inexperienced dealer could possibly do that. It is most likely that the salesman will put the “closed” sign on the door and stay with you till morning if he has to.

A bad time to visit the dealership is during the weekend. There are lots of people that show up at dealerships during the weekend, so you lose the advantage of being the “only one” interested in a certain car. If you try to haggle with the salesman, and show no signs of flexibility towards his offer, than you will most likely get the boot and he’ll switch to the next customer in line. On a Monday or a Tuesday, when most people are at work, things will be a lot different.

One of the most successful times of purchasing a car is at the end of the month. Picture that the dealers are getting close to their deadlines. Some of them might have had good sales and are in need of only one more for a big bonus. This is your best chance since he will surely discount the car in order to get the sale.

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