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Searching for a car can be really difficult and time consuming. People tend to make if even more difficult for themselves after reading many online sites that are telling you to look for statistics over statistics resulting in hours and hours of research for the optimal time in which to buy a car. Many online tutorials will tell you just about as many options and dates as are days during a year. The most interesting thing is that each of them starts from a very plausible or even true factor.

The experts at have revised most of these tutorials and came up with their own, in addition to the online systems that will make your search for the best time and best car a lot faster.

Best Time To Buy Car

First of all you can use the Predictive TMV (True Market Value). This is an automated system that enables you to calculate the best time for purchasing with proficiency and efficiency. The Predictive TMV is a multi-level complex system that has the capacity to forecast eventual changes in price for the car of your choosing giving you an edge “in battle”. Since there are tons of variables to consider such as incentives or prices before transactions, it will be extremely difficult for you to calculate, compare and finally appreciate efficiently the current true value of a car. So, why not let the automated system do that for you ? Simply go to here and let Edmunds TMV solve your problem in a matter of minutes.

A tutorial said something about rainy days. Since there will be no buyers in the lot and you just walk around, not looking very interested, it may give the some hope of a buyer for the salesman so you may walk out with a good deal. Does it seem plausible? Yes, but there is another edge to this. If you slope around for too long, the salesman will think that you desperately need a car so he will push for a bigger price.

During the holidays, says another tutorial. Considering that business is slow, you think you might get a good, early Christmas present from a dealer that had less and less action and just dying to make a sale. Yes it might be true. The only problem is that dealers may think the same so they might cut back on inventory. Once again two sides to it.

Another guide that actually is quite misguided tells you to go 20 minutes before closing time. The one that thinks that the dealers are tired and want to go home, clearly don’t know them very well. They think that the end of the day and the closing time will spare you the 2h hassle with the dealer for a car. Actually they will probably put the close sign, and stay with you until midnight if they have to.

The end of the month purchase or the end of the model year are both very good tips because at the end of the month the dealer may need only one or two cars to get a big bonus for sales, so to convince you they will drop the price dramatically as long as you simply take the car so that he may reach his quota. Same goes for the new year models. Since the “new shiny toys” are in they have to get rid of anything old, and fast. Once again, to get the best possible deal head to Edmunds Incentives and Rebates and you can see the best rates you can find on a end-of-the-season car.

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