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To lease a car might seem for many of us the only way we can afford a new car without having to put a lot of pressure on our budget. But, on the other hand, like always we are interested in getting the best deal possible for our money and we all know that there are certain periods when it’s the best time to lease a car.

There are many factors involved in setting a price for a lease contract, but usually the manufacturers have an important saying, considering that, usually, the best leases are offered by the manufacturer’s financing company. But the dealer has also a saying in the price. That’s why you should try negotiating the price in order to obtain an affordable car lease for your dream car.

A good time to lease a car is the end of every month. That’s because many manufacturing companies are willing to offer some persuasive incentives to car dealers if they are able to sell an established number of cars during a month. In order to make that number an undeniable reality, car dealers usually tend to lower their costs and attire people by offering amazing deals. You should take advantage of their situation, because their bonuses will definitely cover the “loss” while you are going to become one happy customer, driving home the long wanted car.

Another great time to lease a car is during some special periods when manufacturers decide to support leases. Usually, the manufacturer decides to promote a certain model by offering some incentives when it comes to leasing that particular car. Finding this out is fairly easily, because the manufacturer will launch an intense advertisement campaign. These incentives sponsored by the factory usually include some lease rates going below the market, a residual rate that will be higher than usual and sometimes even discounts that will help the car dealer lease more cars that all belong to a certain model. This tactic game is used most of the times by manufacturers that are trying to increase their sales in order to win some kind of award or just for the purpose of selling all the cars belonging to a certain model they produced in a specific year. No matter what’s their reason, as long as it’s making our life easier is good enough for me!

Best Time To Lease A Car

The end of the year is another best time to lease a car. You must know that both dealers and manufacturers have certain targets they would like to hit by the end of the year. The reason is money, because they want great sales for the year that just ends and sometimes they want to sell all the old models in order to make room from the new ones that are going to be released from factories the next year. Also, the Christmas spirit is another factor that these business men are interested in taking advantage of. Therefore they will support your shopping mood by offering some hard to refuse lease contracts. Similar situations occur when regional auto shows take place. That’s another great time to lease a car and get the affordable deal you were waiting for.

If you think the best way to buy a new car is by leasing it, take into consideration all these factors. The tips will not pay for the car, but at least this good to know information will help you save some cash for a nice vacation or for some other dreams that are in progress of coming true.

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