Best Used Car To Purchase –

When you buy a used car it’s important to get the best possible one for your money and to be sure that you can rely on its quality. A car it’s an important investment that should be made wisely taking into consideration every piece of information you can gather.

It is known than in 2010, prices for used cars went up 6% from last year. The demand is high and prices are reacting to the situation on the market.  A vehicle dependability study tried to reveal the names and producers of three-year old vehicles that are more inclined to cause fewer problems than others, once bought. The study involved 52.000 owners of 2007 models and built its statistics around the cars and owners that experienced little problems.

The study showed that the five most reliable brands are Porsche, Lincoln, Buick followed by Lexus and of course MercuryToyota didn’t make it in top five but occupies the sixth position, because of its 2007 models that still have problems that need solving. But if you really like Toyota cars you should know that prices went 4.5% down this year, due to all announcements about recalls and all.

What’s important to remember is that a car looses 47% of its value in the first three years. That’s what we should keep in mind while we take a look at some of the best used cars to purchase.

When it comes to small cars, Honda Civic it’s a great choice. It’s reliable, economical and of course fun to drive. With each year the models improved, until the most recent ones that are available with electronic stability control. Other good choices are Toyota Echo, Volkswagen Rabbit, Scion xB or Subaru Impreza.

Subaru Impreza

Family cars are well represented by the Honda Accord, an agile car with a standard antilock brake system and a V6 engine. When it comes to fuel economy the Toyota Prius hybrid comes in mind along with Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan that are both reliable and cost effective.

The upscale car section is dominated by Lexus ES, a fuel efficient and comfortable car with standard ESC. Other great examples are Acura TL, Infiniti G or Volvo S60.

Small SUV’s are a good choice id you have in mind a Honda CR-V, with a four-cylinder engine and a fuel economy feature. Models from 2005 on are preferable, because they come with ESC and curtain air bags as standard. Other excellent options are Hyundai Tucson, Ford Escape Hybrid or Subaru Forester.

Honda Pilot is a great example when it comes to large SUV’s. That’s because of its generous room for eight passengers and because of its outstanding crash-test results. Toyota Highlander is another winner along with Lexus RX, Toyota 4Runner or Hyundai Santa Fe.

Minivans are a good choice for some of us and Honda Ridgeline it’s definitely an option worth taking into consideration due to its good ride and handling. Toyota Sienna it’s another choice, with a V6 engine, automatic transmission and side/curtain airbags.

It’s hard to define the best used car to purchase, because it all comes down to personal taste and needs. A good study of the market and the name of a few reliable manufacturers in mind will surely be a plus.

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