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Buying a car is an important decision to make and it cannot be made swiftly. You have to check all sides of the problem and only afterwards make a decision. In case you don’t feel like spending a big amount of money on it, then you’re heading for a used car. Here are some pointers and tips the experts have put together to help you in making the right decision.

First of all be sure of the car you want to buy whether you’re willing to spend a lot and purchase a new car, or save some money and head for a used car. Take into consideration the fact that even a car that is only one year old is 20-30 % cheaper than a brand new car.

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Another important step in choosing a good car, is knowing how would the car you choose fit into your budget. Don’t fixate yourself over only one type of car. Expand your options a bit, go for multiple choices in cars. Consider building a target list for three different cars, but assure yourself that the vehicles are in the same class. This is necessary for an easier comparison between cars.

Have you found the cars that satisfy your needs? If you have then the next step is research. Find everything you can about them. Prices on multiple sightings, on different dealers, even online, standard features to know how equipped does the potential car is, and know what other investments you may have to do. Specifications and warranties to be sure that the car does not crash and burn, and you’re left without any safety net.

A price related essential issue is the True Market Value. Any respectful used car dealer will have this feature integrated in his online site. This is a very helpful guideline for car, price, and performance comparison. This online feat will enable you to get an estimate on how much can you save if you’re buying a used model of the car in hand.

If you figured out how you’re going to pay for the car. Now you need to figure out where are you going to purchase it from. The three most common places to purchase a used car are: private parties, the used car section of new car dealerships, or independent user car lots. Of all these sources, private parties usually are the most profitable, since the private seller, in most cases, simply wants to sell the car and it is also a more relaxed transaction that a car dealer.

This step is vital: Testing the car. Never ever buy a car without testing it, no matter if it is brand new out of the showroom, or used. The test-drive will tell you everything you need to know about the car in hand. You will find out how comfortable you fell in the car, how it feels, and of course, the performance and condition that the car is in. A cool trick would be to arrange the drive when it’s really cold. Some cars start harder when it’s cold or not at all. That may reveal to you the condition of the engine or the battery.

Take into consideration things like: acceleration from a stop, visibility, engine noise, passing acceleration, gear shift, hill climbing, braking, cornering, suspension and cargo space. All of these are important factors in evaluating the performance and comfort of the car in question.

Taking all these things into consideration will help you get the bigger better deal.

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