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Trying to get rid of your car and find something better? Is it sitting in your garage doing nothing, only gathering rust? Then it looks like you need to get rid of it and fast. Here are a series of instructions that will help you improve your selling skills and help you get as much a win as possible at your transaction.

First of all, know your car’s value. Do some digging and find your car’s true value in toe Kelley Blue Book. The Blue Book is a catalog of car values that is available in libraries or at banks or even online. This is an important factor so that you may get an idea of a starting price.

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Next in line is market research. Try to gather as much info as possible on the current value of your car. Look for similar models everywhere: papers, auto trader publication, used cars dealers. This will enable you to know how your car stands against the competition.

After you’ve studied the market figure out where do you stand, above or below the average market value for your car. Think of all the factors like car’s condition, mileage, any upgrades you’ve done to it after purchasing, exotic paint jobs and additional repairs added to the engine, transmission or body work.

Take care of the car’s image. Make it as presentable as possible, a wash and a wax are advised. Do some interior clean-up, empty the trunk clean it, and fix any small problems that may cause you or the buyer displeasure. Broken knobs, sticking windows torn upholstery, all these are problems that may dampen the price to inconvenient scales. Details are everything.

Gather al the papers tied to the car and be sure to have them in order. Service and repair records are a requirement so you may prove the additions and upgrades that you’ve done on the car. It would be wise to make some photocopies of all the records to give the prospective buyer. Don’t leave any parking tickets or other bills unpaid, and make sure that the registration is not expired. If you have to, contact the department of motor vehicles or any other authorized automobile club to find out if you need a smog certificate. Be careful where you look for it. The smog parameters may be different from state to state.

Next step would be advertising. Seek out online sites and bulletin boards. Places signs and adds to all possible locations of interest, a repair shop, a grocery store, near official buildings and another thing that is a must: place ads in local newspapers, and last but not least place a detailed “FOR SALE” sign on your car. Try to make it as captivating as possible.

When a buyer show’s that he might be interested. Be sure that you got your act together. You have to be able to answer questions like “Why do you want to sell the car?” ”How long have you had it?” etc. these questions answered nicely will give your buyer more confidence in you assuring him that you’re a serious seller.

And the final step, negotiating a price. Try to appear as mulling over the buyer’s first offer, even if it’s bigger than you had hoped for. This will give you away and he may deduct from the price, sometimes considerably. Try to avoid making a counteroffer to a very low offer, since it might insult the buyer so try to decline politely.

Follow through these steps and you’ll be successful.

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