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The best way to sell a project car is somewhat different than selling a regular Honda Civic for example. For those of you that have such a car and no longer have time or money for it, it may be the right time to sell it to another person that will have the proper requirements to invest in such a car. If you decide to sell it, it is advisable to be honest in your ad and avoid saying that the car is nearly ready to drive if you know that there are still a lot of things to be done to make it run on the streets. You need to keep in mind that the target customer of a project car is in most cases not the same person looking for a family sedan who wants a car for driving to work and for picking up the kids from soccer.

You should start your planning by doing a little bit of research in publications that specialize in your project car or something similar. For example, if you have a project Ford Mustang, you need to list it in the classifieds section of a classic Mustang magazine so that the ad will draw the suitable customers. You need to be flexible and broaden your marketing skills by listing the car (in our case the Mustang) in a classic American muscle cars publication. The more the exposure, the more chances your project car will have to find a new owner.

It is recommended to advertise the car on classifieds sites and in online specialist forums that cover your project car. Although eBay is considered by many the place to sell a car, it is more for buyers that are searching for a complete car, not a “work in progress” vehicle. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt anyone to list it also there.

Regardless of the project car you are selling (or any other car), you need to take very good high-quality photos which should be in focus and well-lit. It is advisable to do close-up photos of any good or bad particular details of the vehicle. Due to the fact that it is a rather special car, the potential buyer will want to see as many pictures as possible. If you have any accessories or specialty parts that are very hard to find which you haven’t had the time to install them yet, offer to include them with the car. Again, take photos of these parts as they can seal the deal faster. If you have made photos during the construction/restoration process, make sure that you include them as well because a potential buyer will definitely be interested in seeing how the car was built or restored.

When you are writing the ad, do not forget to mention if you have the title of the vehicle or not. In the vast majority of the project cars, the person selling it has the title, but if for some reason you do not have it, makes sure that you clearly mention it in the ad. Any potential serious customer will want to know about this and may choose to not call you if you forget to mention this important type of information.

Registering the vehicle to an upcoming auto show is considered by many as the best way to sell a project car as these types of shows will gather the most suitable audience for it. The people that come here are on the look for something new to work on and these project cars are exactly what they need to occupy their time. If the car you plan on selling is a special limited edition, it can make the entire selling process easier.

Another way to go is by giving informative flyers or pamphlets to performance shops and auto part stores in the area where you live. If you have a couple of hours off, drive around the city and deliver them to any shops that might be interested in your car. Most of these shops will let you give them some pages of info that will be shared with the customers that come at the shop. The reason behind this is because customers will have something to do while they are waiting for service.

It is advisable to contact at least three websites and magazines that feature info and news regarding project / antique cars. Some of the best websites would have to be Hemmings, Classic Car Sales and Auto Trade Classics. On these you will get the best targeted exposure for your project vehicle. You need to place a very comprehensive ad that contains all the info about the car, the spare parts available and any other info that might be useful to the potential buyer.

If you do not know what price you should ask for your project car, it is recommended to check newspaper classifieds or go to auto shows in order to get an idea about how much you should ask for it. Taking into consideration that project cars are more or less unique, the price is not set in stone for a certain model, because depending on the builder, the car could have special parts that cost a fortune, or it could have ordinary parts that have an affordable price tag. In other words, it basically depends upon the materials and components used for the car as there is no general rule regarding the price of a certain project car.

Potential buyers are looking for project cars that have original parts so if you want to have more chances of selling it, fit the car with original parts as it would be easier for the person that buys it to start from scratch and perform the restoration properly, if the case requires. If you decide to sell it, the maintenance routines should still be followed so if you want to get a good price for it, take care of the car as you have did before.

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