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When it comes to selling a car by your own, you better be prepared for several headaches and some complications. That is in case you want to sell it relatively fast. If you’re not in a hurry than you might as well do like most do. Slap a “FOR SALE” sign with some details and your phone number on the window and let it stay in its place until, finally somebody get’s interested. Eventually you might run a few classifieds to “pump up” the people’s interest. Yet all you could do in this case is cross your fingers and hope that someone will see the car and give you a call.

Best Way To Sell Used Car

To avoid all the hassle and complications, many folk choose simply to go to a dealership and trade their cars there. It is a very convenient thing to do since there is no hassle and you can be sure 90% of the times that they will buy it. On the other hand going for the dealership option has a single yet very big drawback since a dealership will value a car that really is worth over $5000 at $4000 or even less in some cases, making it the worst place to sell. If you simply want to get rid of the car, than a dealership can be a good choice for you. But if you want to get good cash for your car, you might want to try different tactics.

Currently the best rated buy/ sell tactics on the car market (as is with anything else as a matter of fact) is heading for the virtual car market. If you move your entire operation online, your success will be guaranteed. A good or popular car website will be visited by tens, even hundreds of thousands of people every day. A recent study made by J.D. Power tells us that no less than 65% of the people who decide to buy a used car, at some point during their car buying process they head online.

So firstly you need to get your act together. No matter through what means you may try to sell, the same rules apply. You cannot present yourself with a car that is dirty, or with knobs or other parts falling from it. If your car is in that state than you need to grab a wrench and screwdriver, a cloth and some cleaning supplies and start working. No matter how you sell, you need to be honest about your car’s condition. If you’re feeding the customer lies you may loose a lot more than him. He may loose some gas money for the trip to your place, but a bad review from him, will cost you the interest of possible hundreds.

One of the most important things when attempting to sell is location. The website you chose is crucial. Huge sites like AutoTrader or Edmunds can help out enormously since they get thousands of visitors each day. Consider that the advertising fee is only $90 per listing. You get a full page in which to place tons of pictures of your car. So take pictures from all sides and try to capture the car’s appeal. Try to show the customer what attracted you in the first place when you bought it.

Than do a bit of research and come up with the best price for your car. You can do this two ways: either you look around for similar cars like yours. Or you can head to websites like Kelley Blue Book, or Edmunds TMV to be estimated by professionals.

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