Birthday |

If you read the last post about the first day, then you now know that after some running through the streets of France’s capital, Paris, we finally reached the meeting place for all of the Citroen enthusiasts, right in front of the Eiffel Tower. I was assigned into a beautiful BX, which was carefully taken care of by its Swiss owner.

After an hour or even more spent on the busy roads of Paris, as it was a “White Night” when everyone went out to enjoy all of the shops, street shows and many other attractions, we arrived on the Champs Elysee, where the French company reserved a special floor in an underground parking lot for all of the fans.

After parking the car and taking a more shots of other classic models which already arrived, we went on foot to the C 42 showroom, located at Champs Elysee no 42 (subtlety isn’t their strong point). There we were greeted by a very interesting building filled with various Citroen representatives. The ground floor was filled with memorabilia regarding Citroen, from scale models of the GT, 2CV or DS, to T-shirts, jackets and plenty of books of various phases throughout the French company’s 90 years of existence.

After that, we witnessed a speech held by one of Citroen’s marketing executives. Highlights included him telling about the commitment of the company to honor its legacy, mainly by reinventing icons like the DS in the form of the new DS3, and by taking care of the environment through many technological upgrades introduced into its vehicles.

The showroom on the Champs is quite interesting, built to take advantage of the many floors, each of them hosting various models, from the DS3 to the C4 WRC and even a classic Type A Torpedo. But one of the most interesting things about it is that it rewards people who climbed all the way to the fourth floor with a very comfortable bed and many couches.

After resting a bit, almost all of us decided to call it a night and head on to the hotel. On the way there we were still amazed at how many Parisians and tourists were on the streets of the city. The shops were barely coping with all of the visitors while the street performers were even more satisfied.

On Sunday we all had time to unwind a bit and visit what landmarks we wanted. I personally went to the Eiffel Tower, managing to take some very interesting photos, which we will reveal in a future post. Around 12:30 Paris time we all met up at the hotel, caught a taxi and headed to the airport.

Our French odyssey was at an end, but the memories were definitely worth it. Be on the lookout for some new photos in the following days from my trip to the French capital. Until then, au revoir.