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2011 Porsche 911 Black Edition

If you thought that the 911 is a cool car, than the black edition is even more awesome. The 2011 Porsche 911 Black Edition will arrive this spring for both the coupe and cabriolet versions and will bundle many standard equipment packages. As standard, the cars will come with a Solid Black paintwork or with the optional Bassalt Black Metalic. The cars will roll on impressive 19-inch Turbo II two-color rims with black-painted brake calipers.

To make it even more black-ish, the guys over at Porsche added a dark gray top-tint in the windscreen, black lettering on those awesome stainless steel door entry guards, black sports steering wheel, black leather seats as well as other black components. As standard, the cars will pack a powerful BOSE Surround Sound-System plus a useful GPS navigation system. In addition, the 911 Black Edition will benefit from parking assistant, rain sensing wipers, automatic anti-dazzle interior and exterior mirrors plus cruise control.

2011 Porsche 911 Black Edition

The Black Edition will carry the Carrera’s engine, a 3.6-liter 6-cylinder power unit that churns 345 hp and is linked to a 6-speed manual gearbox. With this configuration, the 2011 Porsche 911 Black Edition Cabriolet will do the 0-60 mph sprint in only 4.9 seconds, onto a top speed of 180 mph. The car can be faster with the help of the PDK gearbox which will allow the 911 to do the sprint in 4.7 seconds (for the coupe model) and in 4.9 seconds for the convertible.

2011 Porsche 911 Black Edition

The officials at Porsche said that the 911 Black Edition will be made in a limited edition of only 1,911 units and 30% of these will go to the North American customers. The base price of the coupe will be $81,300 and for the convertible customers will have to pay $91,300.

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There are many Corvette fans out there and we’re sure that this will be great news to them, because the German tuner Geigercars has prepared a special program for the American muscle car. Priced at 89,900 Euros, the Corvette Z06 Black Edition is powered by a modified version of Chevrolet’s LS7 7.0-liter V8 engine, which delivers an astonishing power of 592 hp. The car looks great, all painted in black, including the 18 or 19 inch wheels available.

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The Hummer H3 is one of the most useless cars, in my opinion and after talking with people around me I found out I’m not the only one who thinks that way. I mean, it doesn’t have that imposing look, the first two generations had, especially the first one and also it’s not as comfortable as the others SUVs around. And my guess is Hummer realizes that and tries to push it to the European market with this special edition, the Hummer H3 Black Edition.

Basically, this 50 units special edition is an Adventure edition, full painted in black and with 5,000 Euro worth of extras, including matt black grille, tubular assist steps, roof crossbars, lockable fuel door, door handles, mirrors and black powder-coated wheels. The car will have starting price tag of €49.950 (in Germany) and is created by Kroymans Hummer Europe, the European importer of Hummer vehicles.


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