Blind Belgian goes 192 mph, breaks world record |

Luc Costermans, a 48 year Belgian, was blinded in an accident four years ago, however this hasn’t stopped him from achieving an impressive performance. He recently broke the world blind road speed record, on an airstrip near Marseille, France, by driving up to 192 mph (308.78 km/h) in a Lamborghini Gallardo. Until Luc, the record was held by Mike Newman, from the UK, who was clocked 166 mph (268 km/h) three years ago, in a BMW M5 and who already announced that he plans on breaking Luc’s record, in a Keating TKR.

Mr. Costermans, who was helped by his co-pilot, Guillaume Roman, dedicated this achievemnt to F1 driver Philippe Streiff, who has been a tetraplegic since 1989, when he suffered a severe accident in a Grand Prix in Brazil. This isn’t the Belgian’s first performance of this kind, two years ago he completed a tour of France piloting a light aeroplane, accompanied by an instructor and a navigator. It’s always a pleasure to see that handicapped people, often outcasts in our society, manage to overcome themselves and achieve great things, like Luc did. Big congrats to him! And here’s a video of his new world record.

Source: BBC (Via Autoblog)

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