Blue Book Used Car Values

The term “blue book” is considered generally for any pricing guide booklet, but in the automotive industry it only refers to the Kelley Blue Book. This would have to be one of the most popular and trusted pricing guides for both new and used cars, managing to be a reliable source for buying and selling vehicles from dealers and/or private parties. Blue Book Used Car Values lists the most common market price for vehicles based on a considerable number of factors, like: make, model, year of manufacturing, mileage, condition, etc.

The Kelley Blue Book used car values can be accessed for free on the official website which you will find at, a place where you get to navigate through an extensive database that contains information about most of the cars out there. It also has separate websites for people who are interested in motorcycles, snowmobiles and watercrafts.

Probably the easiest way to use KBB would be to search by filling the Year, Make and Model fields. Needless to say, the more you know about a certain car you are thinking of buying, the more accurate you will be able to get.

You will notice that KBB offers a few different types of suggested market price tags, such as: suggested retail value, private party value, certified pre-owned value and trade-in value. Most people are interested in finding out the private party Kelley Blue Book used car values, which is the figure that you would expect the seller to ask or the amount of money that you want to sell the car for.

KBB can also be a good source for those of you who don’t know what kind of car to buy. With a price range established, you can browse through the options that you have within your budget and choose the desired vehicle. You should get the suggested price for all of the car’s available conditions: fair, good and excellent.

The Kelley Blue Book is a great source for finding out the price tag of a car but you shouldn’t base your decision of buying/selling only on this. Other similar sources would have to be the NADA Blue Book, Manheim Market Report, as well as the Galves Wholesale Guide. Remember that KBB doesn’t offer any guarantee with the prices that they have listed, plus they don’t publish the exact methods, which is why you should get as many different suggested prices as you can.

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